1. says

    It’s times like these when I most regret not being able to fly or teleport. I’ll just have to have some cookies from the store in symbolic support of the meeting. Think of me fellow Pharyngulites and science types when you nosh those biscuits.

  2. Dave says

    Monona is quite a distance from the university. It’s about 7 miles from lakeshore dorms, and at least 6 from most students’ residences.

  3. Chris M says

    6-7 Miles? For people like me who live in Milwaukee (where a lot of UW grads end up working) it’s like a 2 hour drive. In the snow. Uphill both ways. Through the curtain of fire and brimstone that surrounds Madison.

  4. NewEnglandBob says

    The fire and brimstone only melt the ice and snow within a few feet of the curtain.

    By the way, a downhill-all-the-way SUV negates those both-ways-uphill drives.

  5. (No) Free Lunch says

    Since Monona can’t be bothered to spend tax dollars on buses for it citizens, it’s a long walk from the nearest bus stop, as well. I’m sure that some sort of car pooling can be organized, though.

  6. says

    If you any of you are in Milwaukee, or perhaps at UW and don’t have a ride to the kick off meeting feel free to email me and perhaps I can help organize a car pool for you. If you can offer a ride let me know as well.

    We know have a facebook group, too. Search Wisconsin Citizens for Science and sign up.

    Skip Evans
    WCfS acting VP

  7. Takma'rierah says

    Hmm, I might be able to make that if I can remember; it’s not a long drive from Fort and besides, any excuse to visit Barnes and Noble! Although, it would be helpful if I knew what was going on that was applicable to a non-teaching person? Besides the cookies.

  8. William says

    There is also a facebook group started to keep members informed on meeting locations/dates.