Café Scientifique this week, and next week

The Minneapolis Café Scientifique is taking place tomorrow evening: and it’s all about spiders in love. I want to go, but I’m still digging out from under my accumulated work.

I will be at the Café next week, here in Morris — I’m giving half of it, and Lynn Fellman will be giving the other half. We’ll be talking about genetics and genealogy, and reconstructing deep ancestry from your genes. Should be fun! Come to one or the other!


  1. Jadehawk says

    For a second there, I was considering stopping by between getting off the train and getting on the airplane. but then you mentioned spiders. I think I’d rather go through airport security an extra round or two :-p

  2. says

    Given geographical realities, it is unlikely I will ever be able to go to a Café Scientifique, but this is one I’d really have liked to attend.

    BTW, cinéphiles: those spiders in the picture when you click on the link? They (or rather, some of their relatives) were the stars of Arachnophobia. They are perhaps the only spiders that could have played the role. OT1H: they are large and impressive-looking (though essentially harmless to humans); OTOH, they are that very unusual thing, a social spider. And if you think about it for a minute, it’s obvious why a social species was needed for that film.

  3. Janine, Ignorant Slut says

    Arachnophobia. Ha! I have a very bad ass brother, not really a guy you want to mess with. Also a connoisseur of slasher films. Yet he cannot sit still through that movie. It is good that he has a weakness.

    I can see the point about the need for social spiders for the film. It would not work well if the spiders were too busy eating each other to scurry about.

  4. JackC says

    I am jealous. Next week, out topic is “High value synthesis gas from residual materials using an advanced gasification process”

    I can’t help but imagine that they just might be talking about dinner.


  5. says

    I’m going to the Cafe Scientifique in Denver tonight. The talk is titled: “Molecules, Mutants and Darwin; Human Evolution in the Age of Genomes”.

    It is also my first date with a lovely lady. (I must be a true science geek if I’m taking a first date to a science lecture!)