1. Wayne Robinson says

    Yeah, they must be really desperate. His photo makes him look like a real nerd. And that T-shirt…

  2. Wayne Robinson says

    Now, that I have finally got a first comment in, I didn’t really mean what I said, I can’t wait till I can hear the interview, and I think that Bora is really a very fine fellow (particularly since I notice that he has a black belt in karate… )

  3. says

    Well, they meant to get Pee Zed, but the producer has really bad handwriting, so they wound up with Bee Zed.

    Praise the FSM, with extra anchovy sauce, for bad handwriting!

  4. Heather says

    How exciting! I really like Bora’s blog, A Blog Around the Clock. I’ll definitely be listening.

    Now if he would only come out to the MIdwest in person.

  5. Heather says

    I had no idea there were two people with the name Bora Zivkovic! I didn’t think that would be a common name. I wonder if the Scienceblogs Bora has every met the Danish professional football player Bora.

  6. Caymen Paolo Diceda says

    I just tuned in on streaming and was reminded why I never listen to commercial radio — the inane advertisements that seem to take up more than 50% of airtime. Trying to tune in early and not be late, I had to listen to some pushy snake oil salesman on an infomercial trying to sell “HA” pills that he got from Japan?!

    Because I never listen to this type of radio I’m out of the mainstream of the torrent of quackery that must bombard most listeners. I was surprised and again reminded of how much weak thinking must be out there.

  7. Caymen Paolo Diceda says

    Thanks – I’ll fire up iTunes and listen to the podcast in the future, like I do with Dan Barker and Annie Laurie Gaylor. I suspect they must also suffer from the same advert junk around their broadcast, but I have never tuned to them on streaming, so I don’t know.

    Please understand – not to criticize Atheist Talk at all. The real-time stream is just embedded in this unpleasant media that I forgotten about. It was like I accidentally opened the door into a smelly room while searching for an old friend.

  8. Paguroidea says

    Great interview, Coturnix! Kudos to Stephanie, Mike and others behind the scene at Atheist Talk.

    ScienceOnline sounds like a very interesting event. I don’t blog but I’d like to meet bloggers in person some time.

  9. says

    You don’t have to be a blogger to attend – only about a 1/3 of the attendees are active science bloggers (though a few started at the conference) – there are scientists, students, science teachers, science journalists, pop-sci book writers, scientific journal editors, web developers, etc.

  10. says

    I didn’t make it to SO this year (working). I hope you all had a really great time.

    Did Anton Z. ever get around to handing on that copy of Pooh and the Millenium to PZ?

    Someone should add a disambiguation to the Bora Zivkovic entry so that people won’t mistake the soccer player for our BZ.

  11. says

    PZ could not make it to SO’09 this year, unfortunately. But perhaps I can ask Anton to send the Pooh and the Millenium.

    And I don’t even have a Wikipedia page, so there is nothing to disambiguate there.

  12. Sili says

    I’m a Dane and I only know Clock-Bora.

    Then again – apparently we’re playing for the bronze in handball today, and I have no clue when or against whom. Nor for that matter at what level. So there.