1. Will Oak says

    The inkstain is a nice touch. Although I’m not sure if its supposed to be the artist’s accidental stain or if it was supposed to be part of the drawing.

  2. LisaJ says

    Yeah, the ink stain has left me a bit perplexed as well. Either way, that is one scary looking squid. A t-shirt with that menacing picture on it would be the perfect complement for all of your cyber pistol moments, PZ.

  3. Jello says


    I think it was either a spur of the moment stroke of genious or a happy accident, its hard to tell.

  4. Matt7895 says

    #5 LisaJ

    By cyberpistol are you talking about a theist once saying PZ had put a loaded gun on the table? I think it was during the whole Crackergate affair, but I can’t remember it too well.

  5. says

    After admiring this fine drawing, I decided to do a quick google-image search for “Vitruvian Jesus” to see if I could find any delightful sacrilegious creations. Unfortunately, the best I saw was a composite of Vitruvian Man with the Shroud of Turin. And this was less of a piece of blasphemous art as a demonstration of their similarities in order to make the case that Leonardo himself was the forger of the Shroud (I’m not sure if that was for serious or tongue-in-cheek, but I’m not buying it).

    Sigh! I guess I’ll just have to wait for the right blasphemous artist to come along to make Vitruvian Jesus a reality.

  6. says

    I hate to be the wet blanket, but I doubt that cephalopods depicted as menacing is really for the best. I mean I know they are reasonably dangerous, at least the large (and the poisonous) ones, but they’re not particularly threatening to humans, and would likely fare better when portrayed as very different, powerful, and interesting, but not especially interested in humans.

    Do what you will, of course, this is not a big deal for me. I’m just stating that I wouldn’t go for such a stereotype on a T-shirt.

    Glen D

  7. DeeMonkey999 says has t-shirt transfer material, so PZ can get it on his tee shirt easily, if he can use an iron. I am not so keen on the picture of the menstruating octopus, however.

  8. says

    Just google “make your own shirt”. There are tons of websites that allow you to upload an image and screen it on a shirt… think the places that do photo-shirts.

  9. Nerd of Redhead says

    Hmmm….That picture reminds of something that would go well with the recent “Religous Tradition” thread. Add it to a nativity scene. :)

  10. phil says

    Somebody put this on a t-shirt

    Sounds like a job for CafePress. Anybody got a clean line art version? The larger, the better.

  11. Craig says

    In a word: gross. I am all for nerd chic, but this is kind of lame, frankly. Now, if you could combine it with some obscure ref to Buckaroo Bonzai, or Krull, you might have a winner.

  12. Andrew G says

    Forward facing eyes, ink being squirted from its limbs, ‘n cranium seam like a cleon from star wars … nope doesn’t work.

  13. quantum cephalopod says

    Homer, Bart, Groening…

    Ya’ll are in the right ballpark! It most closely resembles Ken Griffey (Jr.) after he developed gigantism from drinking too much nerve tonic.

    [The Simpson – Homer at the Bat]

  14. Happy Holidays, Bill-o! says

    Need any more evidence of the senseless populism and smear of Bill O’Reilly and his war against the “war on Christmas” (due to the godless among us…)?

    Check out his “Holiday Reading list…”

    This guy’s such a hypocrit…

    Oh, and please, do put this on a t-shirt…

  15. Craig says

    Maybe you should be CraigPrime, other Craig. I’ve had many offers to change my name, fella. Many offers, and more suggestions. :-)

  16. Cultist says


    This benighted humourist makes a mockery of our dark lord, Great Cthulhu! May delirious nightmares torment you! The faithful prepare for His coming, His Glorious Awakening. When the stars are right, the world shall be made anew, and a new age of wonder and horror unleashed!

    Cthulhu saves- he might get hungry later.

    By which I mean, of course, you should have got the “Cthulhu for President” T-shirt.

  17. Cultist says

    Just wanted to make my pitch for an honest god – one that talks to you straight about religion. We’re completely open about our human sacrifices and plots to corrupt and dominate human society, unlike the others.

    How about it, folks?

  18. Cultist says

    Scarier than Cthulhu. I keep thinking of that picture blown up and on flags, in a big brother sort of way. Well, it didn’t happen this year.

  19. says

    It’s not too late for you. Turn to Jesus, brother, and you will be made whole. That blessing will be $19.95. I accept cash.

    Don’t worry. I’ll be coming by here everyday to say the same thing (unless you pay me). It will be a new Pharyngula tradition. I’ve been meaning to to it for so long, but I just never got around to it. While I’m believing in God I may as well believe there’s some way you can get the money to me without an address or a PayPal account or any reason to. I would grudgingly accept one of your inspired octopus shirts (so awesome).

    Not The Big Devil

  20. Radwaste says

    You cephalopod fans might like this — on Disk 2 of the DVD of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea, the movie with Kirk Douglas and James Mason, there’s an interview and movie footage of a diver filming Humboldt squid at night. Several of the hundreds nearby zoom up to taste him and his equipment.

    Show the kids. Heh.

  21. thighofzeus says

    Deepsix must be the only female commenter here, besides me. Reminds me of a certain miscarriage in the back of a VW bug travelling across Texas in 105 degree heat.

  22. featheredfrog says

    “Somebody should print this on a tshirt”

    Have you reached out to Jeff Rowland at

  23. RickrOll says

    Now is as good a time as any to note that there was this very interesting and strange show called The Future is Wild, where they take the stance that eventually cephalopods will become land animals and take the place of humans as the next sentient beings in a billion or so years.