Full Service Island

A quick note of thanks to the UCF chapter of the Campus Freethought Alliance for the pleasant time in Florida (especially pleasant now that I’ve come home to the prospect of several inches of snow today). We did get a nice photo of our last supper together: pizza and beer, of course.


  1. Eyeoffaith says

    For some reason that picture reminds me of a painting….. :)

    I bet Jesus never got anything as interesting as a pizza for his last supper.

  2. Nangleator says

    My god, that Tom Hanks movie was right! She is a woman! And there’s another one! This goes deeper than we thought! Exclamation!

  3. AdamK says

    Eyeoffaith, if you ever attend a traditional seder prepared by a good cook, you’ll never call pizza “interesting” again.

    I’m sure that Jesus–had he ever existed–would have enjoyed every bite. Except maybe the horseradish.

  4. Benjamin Geiger says

    Eyeoffaith @ #3:

    Bread and wine? We had calamari and beer!

    — Ben (standing, second to PZ’s right (camera perspective))

  5. Benjamin Geiger says

    PS: I was the one that made the offhand, smartass comment that led to this photo: “You know, for ironic effect, we should all be sitting on one side of the table.”

  6. says

    That’s classic. Wish we’d thought of that at the FFRF meet last year!

    I think this should start a tradition at all future meetups. If we keep it going long enough, we might be able to get the more gullible fundies to belive PZed is Jeebus! =)

  7. Iason Ouabache says

    I’m disappointed that you didn’t do Big Arms. You are always supposed to do Big Arms in any Last Supper recreation.

  8. says

    You totally need to print it to a postcard and send it to Ken Ham for Solstice.

    Maybe include a chocolate covered Eucharist for good measure.

  9. says

    Aw, this was after my hubbie and I left. I suppose we’d just have ruined the photo though with our numbers though. I had a blast and wish I could enjoy a conversation with PZ over a beer once a week (well, a beer for me, a girly margarita for him).

  10. Holbach says

    A rational repast that began with the best of discussion and ended without a prayer. It’s a wonder one of the rosary beaders didn’t come in and say grace so you could be able to eat without a worry of divine intervention to poison the godless heathen.

  11. Don Smith. FCD says

    Re Zeekster @18:

    Yeah Benjamin,

    Why didn’t you think of this earlier before we all left?

    This was a great time and made me wish I had chosen the professorship route. Watching all those young minds sparkling with ideas is awesome.

  12. LisaJ says

    ha! That is one awesome picture. Beer and pizza: probably what Jesus really wanted.

    RBDC @ #8. Way to bring that one back. Classic. Somehow I don’t think this new pic is going to cause quite as much heat as that one did though.

  13. Steve Illsley says

    Ack! I left too early and missed the photo shoot as well!

    Anyway, thanks again PZ for stopping here in Orlando.

  14. windy says

    The pictures from Saturday’s dinner aren’t nearly as dramatic, blame the random guy from the next table who took them… It was fun, though, thanks for the people from Rollins for organising the second talk and dealing with the local ‘drama’!

    ps. Here’s another Last Supper interpretation (scroll down), from the Swedish ’90s exhibition Ecce Homo

  15. Eyeoffaith says

    Wouldn’t calamari fall into the list of things that are an abomination to eat??

    Doubly delicious. ^_^

  16. Sean says

    I’m disappointed because this happened right after I left.

    Hah, but then again there are like a dozen people who share this same story.

  17. Joey (From Miami) says

    If only you would have thought of this earlier. I’m a photographer. I’m sure I could have improved the image quality just a tad….

  18. DinoBoy says

    The only thing missing is Mel Brooks holding pizza pan behind Professor Myers’ head!

    That is awesome.

  19. cephalochordata says

    *definitely* ..pardon my typo.

    And @ #27 BobC
    I belive this is the original, you intended to refer to.

  20. sednonsatia says

    I find myself saying “Jesus Christ” to the State Rep.’s comment…then giggling at the irony. :)

  21. Amused says

    OMG!!!! That looks like a big bag of assholes with all of the good ones picked out.

    Tell Us PeeZee, how did the wrasslin’ match to puck up the check come out?