Who’s going to Convergence?

A few people are trying to put together some events for CONvergence, the SF convention that will be taking place 2-5 July in Minneapolis (I’ll be going, too). They need volunteers to help with organizing — it’s a bit tentative right now, so I can’t give out all the details, but if you write to me I can connect you with the bigwigs and tell you a little more.


  1. Mike V says

    I’ll be there (have been since the first). My roommate runs the gaming department, so I usually help set up Thursday and tear down Sunday.

  2. lisag says

    Woot! con AND meeting up with the pharynguliods!? sweeeet.

    Also, y’all in MN should go to other MISFIT stuff too–they have great clubs and do fun stuff, and are totally full of geeky awesome people.

    also, I’m running their Geek Prom this coming May, so i have a vested intrest in getting more people to do MISFIT stuff that isnt just CONvergence. plug

  3. says

    I tried going to CONvergence a couple years ago. I was bored out of my skull and felt horrendously out of place.

    I’ve always thought of myself as one of the Weird Kids, but I guess I’m not weird enough.

  4. Steve Ulven says

    I will likely go again next year. I gave it a shot this year. I wasn’t impressed with the panel discussions (there was a Battlestar Galactica panel and one of the panelists hasn’t even seen anything past season 3), but I do want to get a room this time so I can party (which is apparently what is the most fun part).

  5. says

    Sounds like I’ll have to break down and attend Convergence this year. I’v been going to local SF conventions for over twenty years now, and Steve, you’re right that Convergence has the reputation of being the party con.

    The two local cons I regularly attend are Minicon, which is the oldest of the Minnesota cons, on Easter Weekend, and Diversicon. Minicon these days is more of a low-key socializing weekend for local fans. Diversicon, in August, is a smaller convention with an emphasis on programming. It doesn’t draw the biggest crowd, but has the largest percentage of writers and academics in the crowd of any of the three.

    I’m a long-time lurker here, only commented a couple of times in the past. I know from the posts though that P.Z. appreciates good science fiction, and I look forward to meeting any Pharyngulites who make it to Convergence.

  6. Stardrake says

    Cool! We’ll try to show you a really silly good time!

    (I’m one of the Gaming Subheads–RPG division)

  7. John C. Randolph says

    Man, it’s been way too long since I made it to a con. I sure had a great time at a lot of Disclaves, Baycons, Darkover Cons, Balticons, Boscones, Arisias, Philcons, and even a handful of Worldcons.

    One of those hobbies I think I’ll get back to one of these days, hopefully before I retire.


  8. John C. Randolph says

    BTW, regarding volunteering at cons: if you’re new to the SF con scene, then jump right in at the deep end and volunteer. It’s a great way to get to know people if you’re shy (which a whole lot of SF fans are), and it’s a lot more fun than you would guess.

    Whatever you know how to do (or want to learn), from chopping veggies for the con suite, to wiring up the lighting for the masquerade, to data entry at registration, the con can always use your help.


  9. clinteas says


    appreciated the tech news links oon the other thread,thanks !

    SF cons,would love to go,we dont seem to have them here…

  10. Al says

    Fins, yes; scales, not so much: sharkskin is covered in tiny (horny?) bits called denticles, making it rough. At one time it was used as sandpaper…

  11. Bill from MN says

    Some of my friends went last year (running the Reaper miniature paint table) and loved it and invited us to come with them this year. So I plan to be there.

  12. The Dread Polack says

    I’ve been considering going for a few years now. I have a friend who goes every year, but if I hang with him, a pretty devout Lutheran, I might have trouble hooking up with you Pharyngulites later. Actually, it might not be that hard.

    From what I hear, the Convergence crowd are big partiers, and I am not.

    I am, however, a fan of Reaper Miniatures, so maybe I’ll run into Bill…

  13. says

    I too, have gone every year. I ran the hard-science track there for the first 2 years of the con, but have not worked it in any capacity for years. You may see Hank Lederer and me in the science panels that look promising (appearances are often deceptive) but mostly around parties.

    Hope to see you there!

  14. Ada says

    I’ve been a few times, but I’ve since left the continent and I’m not sure I’ll make it again. *sniff*