Drinking Liberally in Morris!

After a long hiatus, we’re having a Drinking Liberally event at 7 tonight, at Old #1. I guess we’re optimistically revitalized by the Democratic prospects for November.

Actually, it’s also because Robin, of WOMB blog, Power Liberal, and the Minnesota Independent is passing through, so we have to show her that Morris is much more exciting than the boring old Minneapolis/St Paul metropolitan area. So come on down, locals!


  1. Qwerty says

    I’ll be staying home in staid Minneapolis/St. Paul tonight, but tell her from me that I like the fake “lesbian pulp” covers on her web page. Reminds me of the Ann Bannon novels that I see at the Quatrefoil library in St. Paul. I tried reading Beebo Brinker but it wasn’t my cup of the proverbial tea.

  2. says

    Yay! Drinking liberally in Morris! I’ll be moving to Minnesota in a year, so I’m looking forward to exploring some of Minnesota’s smaller towns. I’ve already done the Twin Cities and have fallen in love, but I bet Morris will have to be a fun place to add to my list :-)

  3. Patricia says

    PZ, when you get home, if you aren’t too swazzled – would you please look into the troll problem?
    I have a ten tined manure fork, and that isn’t even enough to shovel the place out.

  4. says

    San Fran? Minneapolis/St Paul ? Please, these cities pale next to glorious land of Baltimore. With high STD rates, idiot children, the local beer that doubles as a pesticide and even dumber people in charge, how could you not like us?

    Of course, we have a most glorious history. We beat the British when NYC, DC, and Philly could not. We gave rise to the most violent gang in America history. Our rioting skills are matched by nobody. And, most importantly, for all of you who reject my divinity as proclaimed by hot, naked women in the sack, H.L. Mencken and madalyn murray o hair.

  5. says

    I’m reluctant to ban people for just being appallingly stupid. If I started doing that, no creationist would ever be able to post here.

    Since Max Verret/Silver Fox has offered to leave if only I ask, though, I will ask. Go away. The morphing user names alone is sufficiently obnoxious to warrant booting you.

    Byers is probably too brain dead to respond to any kind of request. We’ll see. He’s pushing it right now, entering deeply into the domain of BORING ME, which is the #1 bannable offense.

  6. says

    Since Max Verret/Silver Fox has offered to leave if only I ask, though, I will ask. Go away.

    Now we’ll never know the evidence for how we are more than material!

  7. Patricia says

    Right-O PZ! You’re the captn. ;o)
    Rather than snivel about all the troll poo, I’ll start forking it into the chamber pots and trebuchet for the next shit hurling fest.

  8. says

    Yaaaay! Trebuchet time!

    Can we fire it at the moon? No, wait…we need to light it on fire first and then fire it at the moon! (And hope it lands on something appropriate.)

    The MadPanda, FCD

  9. Patricia says

    MadPanda – I am actually a trebuchet freak.
    In the movie ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ the army of Saladin is armed with that trebuchet firing round after round. And so far no one knows how that was done.
    This is amazing to me, and I would love to learn the answer.

  10. says

    Always one of my favorite siege weapons! They’re a bit difficult to aim properly, I’ll admit, but when your target is the size of a city…well, you’ll hit something!

    A pity we have to load troll dung and D’Orc droppings rather than Trolls and D’Orcs themselves. Oh, well.

    In the case of Saladin’s magical repeating trebuchet in Kingdom of Heaven, I suspect this was a little bit Hollywood, a little bit creative editing.

    The MadPanda, FCD