1. Walton says

    Despite my oft-expressed support for the McCain-Palin ticket, I must admit that this was rather amusing.

  2. Mrs. Peach says

    Mouse over the shades and they go up. Wait a bit and see what walks past the window!I’m sure there are other surprises.

  3. qbsmd says

    What the hell, there’s a globe. Shouldn’t there be a flat earth or a map of only the US and the part of Russia she can see from her house?

  4. Dahan says

    That was awesome!

    Reminds me of the old “Monkey Island” games (yes, I’m dating myself and showing what a geek I am).

  5. spgreenlaw says

    I especially liked the dinosaur that walks by her window. And people complain about being thrown back into the dark ages!

  6. Deepsix says

    Keep opening the door until you get to the fawn. Then click on the fawn. I’m a hunter and that disturbed me!

  7. jj says

    Oh too much fun!

    @16 – Come on, Monkey Island isn’t that old, what, like 1990 I believe…

  8. Sven DiMilo says

    Has anyone already suggested this?: Click the red phone.

    Hint: read the post, or even the link you clicked to get there.

  9. Lana says

    Ooops! I’m wrong. It does bring up some stock quotes and some moose quotes. I feel so foolish.

  10. tsg says

    @16 – Come on, Monkey Island isn’t that old, what, like 1990 I believe…

    Yeah, that isn’t that old at all in terms of computers. Hell, Windows was already up to version 3.0!

  11. Qwerty says

    You’ve got to point at things with your cursor to get her to respond. That said: there is a copy of Science magazine in the trash. Why is that not surprising? (Rhetorical question, you don’t need to answer as you should already know the answer if you are paying attention!)

    Notice her blank diplomas on the wall. Point at those and the seat cushion of the couch for some amusing Sara Palin thoughts.

  12. Russell says

    Click on the middle of the desk for them nucklear codes. It’s impossible to type with a northern accent.

  13. Cafeeine says

    OK, since everybody pointed out the really fun stuff, I can just turn off the lights…

  14. Cliff Hendroval says

    Off-topic, but I thought PZ might be interested in the letter that was printed in my paper today (I live in the outer suburbs of New York City).

    Get lies out of textbooks

    I have to say that I am absolutely outraged and disgusted at the same time. Since when did we as a nation stoop so low to purposely teach lies to our children in the public schools?

    I was flipping through one of the current science textbooks and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I turned to Page 300. The textbook I am referring to is, “Biology” by Prentice Hall. I just can’t believe that they are still trying to teach that fossils are proof of evolution. The only thing you can tell from a fossil is that it died.

    Now I don’t mind them teaching evolution, but to lie? On Page 300, they are teaching that the whale used to have “hind limbs” and point to a little bone structure at the bottom of the whale’s body. The textbook says that it is proof of evolution! It says that this is proof that whales used to walk on land! That structure is well-known to all scientists today that the structure this book is pointing to is a vital part of the whale’s reproductive system. Not hind legs! Why does this stuff get into textbooks?

    I would like some help. I would like to start a motion to get all of the lies out of the public school textbooks.

    John Slionski

    Huntington Station

  15. Epinephrine says

    Click on the middle of the desk for them nucklear codes. It’s impossible to type with a northern accent.

    Nucular. It’s pronounced nucular.

  16. the pro from dover says

    actually what i meant to say for your born again promoter of armageddon any dinosaur that would get you to meet your maker quicker is more appropriately called a velocirapture. These are not to be confused with the dinosaur that promotes intelligent design. That is the truthiomimus.

  17. J Myers says

    When I click the link, I see a quick flash of Palin sitting in the oval office, then my entire screen turns solid green. Any ideas?

  18. Sven DiMilo says

    Cliff (#36), was that in Newsday??? (I’m at Hofstra, site of tonight’s Big Debate ’08)

  19. Jams says

    Are you kidding? I trust the red phone in Palin’s hands more than just about anyone else on the planet.

    Guy In Missile Silo: Mrs. President?

    President Palin: Hiya there. Yeah, you know, I needya ta do me a favur.

    GIMO: Yes Mrs. President.

    President Palin: You know the wutzitz? I really need ya ta make it go. I wuz think’in maybe at the fellas with those furry hats.

    GIMO: I’m sorry Mrs. President, I’m not sure I understand the order.

    President Palin: Ok look, the pointy thing ya got there? I needya ta fire’r off – lickity split.

    GIMO: Uh… Um… I’m flattered Mrs. President, but I don’t think that’s appropriate given…

    President Palin: Wait a sec. Can you repeat back to me what I just said?

    GIMO: Should I paraphrase Mrs. President?

    President Palin: Can ya wha?

    …into the sunset on a noble stead of victory and stuff.

  20. MartinDH says

    It seems that the carpet is 100% Alaskan sealskin!

    To hear the voices of protest open the left window.

  21. MTran says

    @#44 When I click the link, I see a quick flash of Palin sitting in the oval office, then my entire screen turns solid green. Any ideas?

    It may be your flash settings. Right click on the green and try “zoom out”.

  22. J Myers says

    MTran, “zoom out” was greyed out when I tried that… I’m using firefox, tried CTRL+ and CTRL-, no change. Opened in IE and was able to view it that way.

  23. kjg28 says

    Loved it. Interesting “Maverick” poster though–perhaps Palin didn’t realize that Jodie Foster is an Atheist! Score for our team.

  24. mds says

    If you press tab a bunch, it will highlight all the interactive regions. Don’t do it until you think you’ve found everything you’re going to, though. Why ruin the fun?

  25. bughunter says

    Where the heck does that dart launch from?? I certainly didn’t see her arm move.

    (Maybe I don’t wanna know.)

  26. tsg says

    Today’s new bit is up. Looks like Joe the Plumber works in D.C.!

    A hint? I can’t find it.

  27. John Scanlon FCD says

    Actually I think that dinosaur was Herrerasaurus (I only saw one, so there might have been a hadrosaur too), which means we’re right back in the late Triassic.

  28. tsg says

    A hint? I can’t find it.

    Nevermind, I got it.

    There’s a new one for today, too. “Palinized”

  29. Chris says

    Almost half of the gags in that are sexist attacks. Sexism doesn’t become magically okay when applied to people one disapproves of. There are countless valid and true ways to criticize Sarah Palin without resorting to misogynist dog whistles. I expect better than to see that at this blog.

  30. says

    Sexist? Since when is calling someone ignorant, uneducated, and just plain wrong “sexist” just because that someone is a woman?

    In fact, I’d call “sexist” to insist on using kid gloves with her simply because of her gender…

    (or have you noticed any attacks on that site based on the fact she’s a woman? I’ve seen none…)