1. MRL says

    What a strange creature…but at least it’s intelligent enough to be modest (and to find a sign with which to declaim its abomination-of-nature status), somehow.

  2. Lynnai says

    okay my knee jerk reaction to that is, if an elephant had tenticles for legs but thost tenticles were very like the typical trunk surely say beast would have more tusks too.

    No I don’t expect that to make sense to anybody as I’m not sure it makes sense to me, but I think it would look nifty with an ivory tu-tu.

  3. co says

    Whalezykrill and rayzykrill and liddle lamzy divey,
    octophants lack ivory tutu, wouldn’t you?

    Where’s our poet laureate?

  4. says

    “See! A mixture of elephant and octopus! This proves evolution false!”

    “Uh, Bob? It’s just a picture.”

    “How dare you insult me — of course I know it is a picture. What of it, the holy Gospel is a text, and it’s still infallibly true — why should a picture be any different?”

    “Well —”

    “Don’t answer rhetorical questions. Now, did you see the dread biologist himself was struck speechless by this Thing? Not a word of comment on it!”

    “Um —”

    “Silence! It is a great Thing! Though I think the title tries to imply I am gay, which I don’t like.”

  5. JenWolf says

    Oy, Cuttlefish! I am good friends with the artist who created the squid-rat. The original artwork is here. I’m not sure he knows about this sign in Greece, I’ll have to show it to him. I don’t know if he’ll be pleased or pissed.

  6. Nick Gotts says

    This genetic engineering stuff is really getting out of hand – I mean trunk – I mean tentacle – erm, trunkacle?

  7. rufustfirefly says

    Octophant? This looks like something Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron would come up with; they’re famous for the “crocoduck.

  8. kereng says

    It started long ago with the huge GIGANT.
    The TWELPHANT was still bigger than the ELEPHANT of our days.
    The OCTOPHANT is an animal of the future, about the size of an octopus. The succession of phants will come to an end with the tiny NULLPHANT.

    (according to Christian Morgenstern)

  9. Laurel says

    Ooparts, I’m pretty sure “I should not be” is a reference to the Simpsons ep called HOMR, which contained the following:

    Homer: Please, turn me back into the blissful boob I was.
    Scientist: Sorry, we don’t play god here.
    Homer: Huh? You do nothing but play god! And I think your octo-parrot would agree with me.
    Octo-Parrot: Awk! Polly shouldn’t be!

  10. One Eyed Jack says

    Octophants would be tooooo cool!

    If the universe were created by a designer, how could He/She/It not make something so simply awesome!

    The fact that we don’t have octophants speaks strongly that there is no designer.

  11. Bubba Sixpack says

    That should be the logo of our current unregulated Wall Street. A multi-tentacled monster grasping at tax-payers’ money, via their sponsors, the Repub elephants. A monster that that has no logical basis for existence, but exists nonetheless.

  12. DrFrank says

    Something went wrong with the HOX genes right?
    Or wonderfully right, depending on your viewpoint ;)

  13. Ticktockman says

    I like the sound of “octopotamus” better, a creature coined by a friend’s 4 year old. Rolls right off the tongue (and over your station wagon).