Larry Moran and temptation

Larry has briefly floated the idea of organizing a trip to London, visiting Down House, the Natural History Museum, etc. There isn’t much of a response — if you’re interested, let him know.


  1. Louis says

    Hi PZ,

    I met you and Larry on the last Down House tour. I have a few contacts at Skeptics in the Pub if you want a larger English contingent. Also, since I am no longer commuting the insane distances I was when you guys last visited, I have a little more time to help out with travel arrangements/ferrying people about etc if you need it.



  2. Tom says

    Down House has been on my list for a long time. I’m a fan of Larry’s blog too. I live near London, and I will also help with the ferrying about. Count me in. And I will let him know.

  3. LaTomate says

    Come o’er te Scotland lads, ye wonna regret it!!

    Funny wee men in kilts, good beer and Dwarven sounding placenames. And cretters in Lochs (I had to say it… touristy shite), old castles, ghosts (more touristy shite) and more and more and more…

  4. Pierre says

    I live in Montreal, and I’ve visited the Natural History Museum
    in London twice, at 10 years interval. I loved it. I highly
    recommend it. I spent hours in there, reading anything
    and everything. It was strange rediscovering it the second time,
    though. A weird feeling of connection with my own past.
    A bit like when you go back to a place you used to live.

  5. Claudia says

    I live in the UK, too, but don’t drive in this country unfortunately. I would be happy to join in the tour should it happen, though.

  6. yakaru says

    Warning: don’t rely on the bus service! If you get the train to Orpington there’s only one bus per hour to Down House, and even though the bus leaves from the station itself, they don’t stop if they don’t like the look of you!

    I waited at the stop for 40 minutes, with the bus parked ten meters away. At the departure time he drove up to the stop, slowed, opened the doors, and then sped off without letting anyone on.

    There’s a taxi station down the hill.

  7. Dave Wisker says

    We’re planning on going in 2012 for the Olympics (I have lots of family in London we can stay with).

  8. AlanWCan says

    The Natural History Museum is my favourite place on the planet. I spend at least an afternoon in there every time I’m in London. Richard Owen was sure a despicable character, but in opening the museum to the public he did well.
    When’s the trip? I’d be up for it…if I’m in the UK that is.

  9. Ted Powell says

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  11. says

    Oh man, I’d love to do that trip. But alas, I’m in Australia and already got a Finnish vacation planned for January (going to see the aurora). One day I’ll do the trek…

  12. embertine says

    If you’re looking for Brits to act as taxis/tour guides for places you may not have been, please let me know. I’d love to join in on this.