Hey! What happened to the Tangled Bank?

Uh-oh. We were scheduled to have a Tangled Bank while I was off gallivanting in the southern hemisphere, and I guess it didn’t happen. Shall we have a belated carnival at Science Notes on Wednesday, the 27th? Send in the links and we’ll try to pull it together.


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    Hey, that’s me! That is I. Send your links! You’ll be sharing the space with LOLcats tenuously linked to science subjects and I’m now adding music videos – singer Dar Williams on sex-role stereotyping, for instance.

    And I guess it’s time I changed my sidebar link from the old Tangled Bank to the new one on Pharyngula.

    On a side note, a couple of days ago I got an e-mail from “Concerned American-Christian” AKA Michael Korn the threatener of biology teachers, only a couple of days ago. It cut & pasted all the old, debunked “evidence” for a universal great flood and recent dinosaurs. It ignored actual evidence for giant floods such as those caused by ice-age glacial dams. Odd, isn’t it?