What’s happening down in New Zealand?

Watch and find out next week, as the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa prepares to move the Colossal Squid live, on webcam. It’s going from its formalin soak to a new display tank. Along the way they’ll sew up a rip in the mantle, remove some eggs and check how it has preserved.

The live webcast starts at 9am NZ time on Wednesday 6 August, USA time Tuesday, 5 August, 2pm PDT, 5pm EDT and UK time Tuesday, 5 August, 10pm.


  1. says

    What? A thread with only 3 comments?
    And me with nothing to say?

    I guess Bertrand Russell will have to do…

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  2. Mark B. from Austin TX says

    There appear to be a javascript in the page that’s crashing IE. Firefox appears to be OK, I suspect the doubleclick.com ad, the markup in it looks to be messed up.

  3. ErrolC says

    Tis lovely in Zealand.

    Not this week it isn’t, we’ve had 3 worse-than-usual storms in a row.

    I assume that some of my taxes are being used to support squid study, and approve.

  4. Divalent says

    OT (but on T related to comments above)

    I can no longer access this site (and the other Science blog sites) with Internet explorer. I also can’t access Sandwalk, and several others. I have switched to foxfire, which works fine (although foxfire sucks, IMHO).

    Its probably an advertiser.

    (for the record, what happens is that it will load the whole page, then give me an error box on top (saying it can’t load the page), with the only option to click OK; then it switches to a blank IE page with a “cannot access” message).

  5. says

    I can get the page to load in IE on WinXP (even using an ad and flash blocker), but I have to click the stop button when the page is mostly loaded, otherwise it gives the same error as in post #8. I had problems when I switched to Firefox on Ubuntu, but after a few tries, it finally loaded.

    – David

  6. David says

    My comment at #9 makes more sense if you put the part about the ad and flash blocker at the end of that sentence.

  7. John Morales says

    Yes, this site has begun crashing in IE. The rest of the Web remains accessible to me, so I’m pretty sure it’s caused by a rogue script.

  8. divalent says

    regarding access issues, according to this blogger:


    the issue is with sitemeter. On scienceblogs, this is probably a blogger-specific item, since (for example) Dispatches (Ed Braytons site) is not affected, but Evolution blog and Highly Allochthonous are. (And Sandwalk is not ScienceBlog, but his site is affected.)

    Apparently the temporary fix until Sitemeter get it corrected is to remove anything related to them from the webpage.

  9. Heraclides says


    PZ: Did you hear about the Bollywwod effort Natalie Portman is in where, apparently, she morphs into an octopus?

    I’m having no problems accessing this via Opera or Safari.

  10. John Morales says

    re Sitemeter issue: aft_lizard at freerepublic published a fix; it works for me.

    1. Open menu item: Tools…Options
    2. Click “Security” tab
    3. Select “Restricted Sites”
    4. Click “Sites” button
    5. Under “Add this website to this zone”, enter “*.sitemeter.com” without the quotes
    6. Click “Add” button
    7. Close windows using “Close” or “OK”, not “Cancel”.

    This works

  11. chris says

    “This will be fascinating to watch, thanks for the tip. I can’t imagine how they’ll move it without seriously damaging it.”

    We can’t either . . . as well as the live webcam broadcast there will be Discovery Channel filming, plus news media will be present . . . I guess if we drop it we’ll make the front page :-(

    There may be a trial run with the webcam on Tuesday (NZ time) we’d appreciate any feedback on the transmission

  12. shonny says

    Nothing to say?

    What? A thread with only 3 comments?
    And me with nothing to say?

    Then why say it anyway??

  13. Buffybot says

    I’ll be there to gaze in awe the instant it’s on display.

    Re the access problems, it’s been screwed up all day, but I successfully got in by clicking the ‘close’ arrow on the error message, then the back arrow on the Site Not Found error page thingy. Sometimes not knowing what the hell you’re doing works out.

  14. Daniel says


    Brooker on Dawkins on Darwin.

    For all you UK’ers – Monday 8pm, C4. Don’t forget to set the Sky+ now!

  15. RamblinDude says

    Dang, I thought I had a virus!

    Yes, the fix for those using Internet Explorer and getting the error message “Internet Explorer cannot open the website —whatever –Operation aborted”

    is to follow the instructions that John in comment 14 posted.

    1. Open menu item: Tools…Options
    2. Click “Security” tab
    3. Select “Restricted Sites”
    4. Click “Sites” button
    5. Under “Add this website to this zone”, enter “*.sitemeter.com” without the quotes
    6. Click “Add” button
    7. Close windows using “Close” or “OK”, not “Cancel”.
    Yes, the problem loading this site and others is with sitemeter.com

    This is a widespread problem, and is affecting lots of web pages.

  16. llewelly says

    sitemeter has been making web-surfing slow and unreliable for ages. It’s best to always block sites of its ilk.

  17. says

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    e a i ou ou o eu i, you o,
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    oe o, o ee a ee.

    [Jack is banned and deserves deconsonanting]

  18. John Morales says

    Re Sitemeter issue: Science Blogs is free of it and I recommend anyone who enabled it to remove it unless it remains necessary.

    That this problem briefly “broke the site” speaks more of sitemeter than of IE.

    But it sure was an annoyance.

    And screw those who sneer at IE7. I browse full-screen with no clutter whatsoever, can access anything I want to access and keystroke my way around a page as much as I mouse; and I internally strain with impatience when forced to endure the average user stumbling around on what little window remains thanks to the pixels wasted on stupid seldom-if-ever-used toolbars and widgets and window bars and other crap, with their clickings and drilling-in through layers and their stumblings.
    Oh, but they use Firefox!! Yay them! Stick it to IE!
    Bah. It’s not the browser, it’s the user.