1. says

    Ooooo the suspense! Will it be filled with an explosion of candy pieces or a creamy nougat center??

  2. MicroZealous says

    Can’t wait until lunch. I’m eating a “raw calamari omelet” (whatever that is), so I’ll watch it now. thankx.

  3. spaceoops says

    Squid dissection? Over lunch? Interesting concept though I usually listen to MPR and sometimes even that makes me queasy. :

  4. Longtime Lurker says

    Currently downloading for later viewing… it’s taking even longer than the “Starcraft 2” preview. I hope I can finish the download before I zip down to work. I’ll watch it while eating some ceviche.

    I am still amazed that the guy who wrote those “Gor” books is a marine biologist…

  5. ildi says

    This here bureaucrat does NOT watch dissection videos during lunch (90s era Eddie Vedder videos, yes).

  6. Pandora Neurospora says

    They showed a small segment of it on TV. I was really surprised but then I realised it was SBS.