Godless in DC: plan ahead for August

The Beltway Atheists are planning a summer get-away in mid-August called Atheist Days. You want to go. Trust me. Get a gang of hot, sexy atheists together on a beach, and you can trust them to bare their minds and start swapping ideas, right there in public, without any shame at all.


  1. rightsaid says

    Man, no kids! Otherwise I’d go. I spend all my time indoctrinating them.

  2. s1mplex says

    What? No kids means no baby-eating!

    And they call themselves atheists. Pffft.

    Will you be attending, Dr. Myers?

  3. Dragonfire says

    Already got my ticket. Just got to figure out if I’m staying in a tent or not. It’s kind of hard to charge a cochlear implant in a tent… *Cue questions about implant: It is a bionic ear. Look it up. And NO I do not lift my hair up a’la Lindsey Wagner/ Jamie Summers. However I do assimilate people :)

    I hope that this isn’t as much of a sausagefest as many atheist events, do you know how HARD it is to find atheist women in the capital of the Confederacy?!?

  4. Jacques says

    I’d love to go, unfortunately I have vowed not to return to the US until Bush is gone or some form of sanity returns to the political stage. My bet is on the former.

  5. Valhar2000 says

    I’m with #4: has the gender imbalance among atheists been corrected yet?

  6. Dragonfire says

    I’m willing to share. That’s the great thing about not being the jealous type. Plus Kelly will be there, anyone want to run interference with Brian and Rook?

  7. FishyFred says

    No kids? I’m starting Atheists, Skeptics, and Rationalists at American University this fall. Right inside the Beltway area!

    Oh, wait, we’re not kids.

    Anyway, we won’t have formed until early in the semester, probably mid-to-late September. If they move it back one or two weeks next year, it could be a great trip to pull in new students.

    PZ: I’ll send you a link when we have a website. I hope. Maybe it’ll just be a blog. Haven’t thought that through yet.

  8. Dragonfire says

    FishyFred @ #11

    The people you want to get with are Jeff Wiesner (SP?) of Beltway Atheists (Which is a Nonprofit Org now) and Shelly Mountjoy of the George Mason Rational Response Squad. They have all the connections you’ll need to help build up your group. I’m the President of the United Secular Alliance at Virginia Commonwealth University so if you are ever in Richmond give me a ring. Just search United Secular Alliance on facebook and you can find me.

    We have a Hitchens Debate in Sepember. *does happy dance*

  9. Chief says

    Anyone from Boston area planning on attending?
    I would like to, and would be willing to carpool. (Acton)

  10. Dragonfire says

    @ fishyfred #11 I just talked to Shelly (President of the GM group) and she said she’d love to help you out so just send me an email and I can get y’all in contact. RobertsLL2@vcu.edu

  11. Talos42 says

    I used to attend BA events before I moved to Japan. Jeff Wismer (one of the founders who’s the POC for this) personally invited me, but I don’t have enough vacation time or money for a flight back.

    They’re a fun group to hang out with. Just bring an open mind and leave any agenda at home.