Let your TIVOs stand down

People have been asking me what’s up with that potentially interesting television series called Evolve that is supposed to be shown next week — it’s not showing up on anyone’s schedules. I wrote to the executive producer, and she said the History Channel has delayed it to sometime in July. She’ll let me know more when the schedule firms up more.


  1. Architeuthis says

    Thanks for the heads’ up. I was really excited to see it.. and then the resulting Pharyngula follow up :)

  2. Grumpy says

    In the meantime, there’s “How Life Began” next week. If it’s anything like History’s “How the Earth Was Made,” I’ll be buying copies of the DVD for Xmas presents.

  3. says

    Cool… That’ll get the creos revved up again after their recent smackdown over Expelled.

    I can’t wait to see the junkyard/tornado/747 argument for the, well, 747th time.

  4. Genuinely Doug says

    I don’t think this show will recover my general distaste for the History channel – having one good show does not undo the damage done by given credulous coverage of woo. But my Tivo will record dutifully.

    PS Then again, PBS, home of such shows as Cosmos and NOVA, pushes the woo of Deepak Chopra. Sigh.

    PPS I really hate my TivoHD. Oh how I mourn the loss of ReplayTV!

  5. says

    Or, are they feeling creationist pressure to water it down?

    No one, not even myself nor the History Channel, needs to bow to the pressures of the creationists. If the History Channel wants to air the show on evolution on their own schedule, let them!

  6. JJR says

    Slightly OT, I know it’s a repeat, but I had a lot of fun watching “THE HUMAN BODY : Pushing the Limits” last night on DISCOVERY CHANNEL. I even skipped the season Finale of CRIME 360 on A&E for the episode about the brain.

    It’s not specifically about evolution per se, though they do make explicit mention of evolution and how many of the body’s features are products of evolution by natural selection, etc, and how much we still share in common with early humans.
    The visuals are really dramatic, and it was a quite uplifting show, even bringing a tear to the eye every so often.