Thank you to everyone who noticed that yesterday I was one day older than the day before! And a special thanks to Bora for collecting all the various links together in one place.

Now I do have to remind you all, though, that we’re all aging at exactly the same rate (unless you have access to a spaceship that travels at a significant fraction of the speed of light), and all I’ve got is a head start on many of you, and a bit of a delay relative to some of you. So don’t go getting cocky, you young whippersnappers — you’ll be here someday, too.


  1. says

    Not just spaceships. Anyone at a different gravitational potential is aging at a different rate, too.

  2. skyotter says

    you’re a Pisces? that explains a lot*

    happy birthday, PZ!
    –otter (*also a Pisces)

  3. Bill Dauphin says

    Damn! I see the God of Biscuits has beaten me to the obvious response! But my in-depth textual analysis indicates you must have already had “Older” in mind when you wrote:

    yesterday I was one day older than the day before

  4. Gllopc says

    Since none of us are completely still all of the time, aren’t we all aging at slightly different rates than the rest?

    I fully admit to being ignorant to the subject of relativity, and will concede to anyone who merely sounds confident on the matter.

    Happy Birthday anyway, PZ – no matter how much faster you are aging than me. :)

  5. aiabx says

    I live closer to the equator (Toronto), so I’m moving faster, so I age slower. Thus, I am practically immortal compared to you and look forward to the day when you are too old and weak to bear the Cephalopod Crown. BWAHAHA!

  6. Robert Thille says

    No way man, I’ve got a plan…I’m going to live fast and die young! (off camera mumble…) Wait, I’m already 40? Crap, how did that happen?

  7. says

    You’ll never catch up with me, youngun, although I must say that since you’re a PhD, you’re a bit sharper than I am although I won’t hold that against you. At least you have a delightful sense of humor about you. I giggle most of the time while reading your updated posts.

    Thanks for the giggles, PZ. You’re ahight.

    Hope your day was great sitting atop your birthday throne! Moreover, I hope that it isn’t a white one. ~:o)


  8. says

    @aiabx Your latitude doesn’t affect clock rate — the effect of speed is offset by the effect of the oblateness of the earth. You have to compare elevations above sea level. (about 3 microseconds per year per km of elevation difference)

  9. Aero says

    Happy birthday and remember that those young whippersnappers are aging faster than you, percentage wise.

  10. Jeanette Garcia says

    Happy belated Birthday, PZ. I not only thoroughly enjoy your daily entries, I am reassured that yes indeed, intelligence, whether by design or not, does exist, and it’s right here on your blog.