1. Eric says


    The banner ad on the right side of the page was for Expelled. Not sure who to contact, but they really should get on that.

  2. gsb says

    Looking forward to listening to this. Been a fan of the SGU podcast for some time now. Highly recommended to all those of an inquiring and skeptical mind.

  3. says

    Great job PZ. Especially on bringing up your atheism, the skeptic movement needs to quit pussyfooting around. How can you deny the existence of ghosts, but treat the holy ghost with kid gloves.

    I love SGU, but I think the time has come for the skeptic movement to embrace atheism as part of its MO.

  4. says

    Hey, I’m a film guy trying to be all “science-y” Please check out my “theory” on consciousness and tear it apart (but be kind)

    Analogous Thinking

    Anyhoo, your site is awesome. I will have to listen to this podcast post-haste!

  5. CleveDan says

    If you are new to the SGU….consider joining the message boards. ‘lots of good debate in there. We can always use some more science professionals in there

  6. Don Smith, FCD says

    RE #4:

    It’s 4 hours later and the banner ad is still there. I’d be really pissed off if it were my site. But then again, making money off the promoters of this movie can’t be all bad. I’m not sure how Google ads work but I think the host site gets paid for each click through. Maybe we could all go over there and run up the bill and make some money for SGU.

  7. J says

    On the other hand, by using a vertical banner we get to see Ben Stein dressed like he’s about to go onstage with AC/DC.

  8. says

    You can’t blame them if the provider of banner ads puts that up, it’s not within their control. As Don said in #8, go ahead and click on it a couple times, make some money for SGU and get a good laugh at the same time. If it was on my site, I’d have a big arrow pointing at it telling people to do just that.

  9. Zimmy says

    I’ve been hoping this would happen for a long time. I love that podcast, and I love this blog, and I was about to write in and suggest they interview you. Can’t wait to hear how it turned out!

  10. Michael X says

    So PZ, explain to someone who isn’t in academia, what is the reason for why you don’t go into researching cephalopods? Are you simply more interested in zebra fish, leaving as you said, cephalopods as a side interest, or are zebra fish more profitable scientifically, or would a transition between studies be inconvenient or even impossible at this stage in your career? All the art kids want to know.

  11. Niobe says

    If I was a bettin’ gal, I would so place money on you being quote mined regarding that quip about you and Dawkins “out-militanting” each other.

  12. marko says

    I specially liked the point Steve Novella and PZ Myers made on complexity and design. If life was designed it would be simple and elegant, not unnecessarily redundant and complex at multiple layers as we observe. Design would be about simplicity, as the saying goes: “Perfection is not when you can’t add anything, perfection is when you can’t remove anything” (Mozart?).

  13. says

    Hey, I’ve seen ads for Expelled show up on my sidebar too, particularly on posts like these. While it might not be cricket to encourage my milli-PZ of readers to defraud the system, I can’t help it if they appreciate irony. . . .

  14. Spinoza says

    … silly nitpicking comment… but at the beginning when they were talking about Cotton Mather I’m fairly certain they (both people talking) said “anti-climatic” when they meant “anti-climactic”… verbal typo… but just sounded messed to my ear… “anti-climatic” sounds like the fact was ideologically opposed to weather.

  15. Norm says

    During the segment about the Easington town council paying for a psychic to exorcise state housing, one of the hosts commented that it would have been cheaper and more effective to purchase a baseball bat to beat them (the superstitious occupants) with. Yuck, not funny at all.