The Atlas of Creation has found a destination

OK, you can all stop trying to win a copy of the Atlas of Creation now — the owner has decided who is to be afflicted with punished with tormented with given the copy. Scott Hatfield, I’ve passed your email address along. Look for a message. Get ready, it might take a month’s worth of a public school teacher’s salary to cover the shipping.

By the way, if anyone else wants to dispose of their copy, browse that thread — I can connect you up with recipients.


  1. says

    PZ: Thanks for the update! And, for everyone who expressed interest in this unfortunate book, please know that I intend to put it to the best use I can, which is to say as a weapon against creationism, and in behalf of evolution education and real science.

  2. wildcardjack says

    Remember to send it USPS Media Mail. $2.13 for the first pound, then 34 cents each additional pound.

    Yeah, it’s slow (two weeks coast to coast) but it’s cheap.

    Or, if it fits, a Priority Mail flat rate envelope only cost $4.60. And I have shipped some surprisingly big books in one of those.

  3. mothra says

    For Atlas of Creation,
    I no longer froth or foam,
    For The Atlas of Creation,
    would have left me all alone.
    The Atlas of Creation,
    no longer shall you roam.
    Lucky Atlas of Creation
    you have found yourself a home.

    Congrats Scott!!!

  4. says

    Congratulations to that rascal, Scott Hatfield. Now I have one more incentive to drop in on him the next time I pass through Fresno. (He’s already offered to buy me a beer.)

    Anyone who is broken up over missing the opportunity to own a personal copy of The Atlas of Creation might want to take a look at the second-hand copies being unloaded over at Amazon. The best price is $62.99. However, I have to say that $8.00 for Global Impact of the Works of Harun Yahya looks like quite a deal. [Link]

    Or search for “Harun Yahya” over at eBay. A copy of the Atlas currently has a bid of $12.99 on it. And there are many, many, many other Yahya works at super-cheap prices. Such a treasure trove!

  5. noncarborundum says

    yIQ taghDu’raj ‘ej tlhorghqu’ bIH ‘e’ pIH targwIj

    SaghuHbe’ta’ yIjatlhQo’

    My targ expects your lungs to be juicy and delicious.

    Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

  6. noncarborundum says

    Aieee! Klingon grammatical error!

    Meant to write “SaghuHmoHbe’ta’ yIjatlhQo'”

    Now the Klingon Grammar Police will be after me.

  7. firemancarl says

    Congrats Scott. After you have read it and if your brain hasn’t turned to liquid ooze, feel free to give a heads up to us Floridians who are preparing for the next battle against fuckwittery creationism.

  8. foxfire says

    Congratulations Scott!

    It looks like you will be putting it to good use (other than the standard making fire, using pages for personal sanitary purposes, etc).

    I hope you keep PZ updated on the effect this bit of Islamic nonsense has on the Christian side of the Creationist “house”. One only hopes they don’t turn into best buddies….

  9. Kevin L. says

    noncarborundum, thank you for bringing Klingon culture into ScienceBlogs. Truly.

    I would have gotten a kick out of having a copy of Atlas of Creation, but reading Scott’s comment on the latter thread, it sounds like he’s as good a target as anyone.

    I’m not sure whether I should be congratulating him or extending my sympathies, but…

  10. GK4 says

    I have found a home for my copy, too. Thanks for playing, everyone. It was a very entertaining comment thread.

  11. Cuttlefish, OM says

    Scott Hatfield, that critical thinker
    Is possessed of a book (a real stinker).
    Will he go straight to hell?
    Well, you know, time will tell
    If he swallows it–hook, line, and sinker.

  12. Rich Stage says

    I was about to post in this thread.
    Damn! Cuttlefish got here ahead!
    Now see, here’s the thing,
    Cuttlefish is the king.
    I might visit the birdie instead.

    Scott Hatfield will, I am sure
    (if his arms from the strain can endure)
    use this book and its weight
    for an appropriate fate
    and thump the thumpers with their own words.

  13. Alex Besogonov says

    Rich Stage:

    Just wanted to say that no thread is complete without your limerick.

    Thanks, for good laughs!

  14. Hank Fox says

    Good choice. And congrats to Scott — I went back and read your entry.

    Now I’ll have to think about attending church the next time I hear about a creationist presentation. God knows (ha-ha), the creationists have shown up at science presentations I’ve been to. Tit for tat.

  15. Brian English says

    Way to go PZ! Give it to someone who deserves it why don’t you? I would’ve made no use of it. In fact, I wouldn’t have even paid for the shipping over here to OZ! Take that!
    Congrats Scott!

  16. Rich Stage says

    Rich Stage:

    Just wanted to say that no thread is complete without your limerick.

    Thanks, for good laughs!

    Thank you, Alex. Sometimes, the only way I can handle some of the idiocy is by humor, and limericks tend to translate humor well. It can also be a good form for injecting unsuspecting depth, as well. Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition limerick!

    I actually got the idea for doing this after lurking for a while and reading the gems of Cuttlefish.

    I just hope I’m not stepping on his toes by posting my limericks.

  17. Hank Fox says

    Since we’re versifying :)

    Though he probably don’t really need it,
    Now he’s got it, Scott Hatfield will read it,
    He’ll study this stinker,
    Through HOOK, line and sinker,
    And creationist crap, he’ll impede it.

  18. Acantho says

    Game show host:

    Thanks everyone for playing along and of course, Congratulations! Don Pardo, tell Scott what he has won!
    (Enter music)

    Don: Well he has won one hefty piece of dog crap with endless pointless photographs all based on the idea that evolution is disproved if we can find a similar looking species in the fossil record, as we find still extant.

    Host: Is that all he has won?

    Don: Certainly not, as he has also won countless strawman arguments, like crocodiles evolving into squirrels, and 8 limbs “transitional humans!”

    Host: Squirrels you say Don?

    Don: Yep, squirrels.

    Host: Harun is quite the ass, isn’t he there Don?

    Don: Yes, he is Bob!

    Host: Does he also blame all the current plagues of mankind on Darwin?

    Don: Why don’t be silly Bob, of course he does.

    Host: What else is our winner getting Don?

    Don: He is not only getting the fecal tome from stupidity central, but he is also getting a CD that comes with it on why, “Fossils disprove evolution” as well as the introductory letter that came with the book explaining the deep wisdom and virtues of the author.

    See here for pictures of what our winner is getting:

  19. says

    Since I will not be sending it until about Tuesday of next week, if anyone wants to see any pictures they have heard of, just ask me and I will try and post one along with the two I posted above….

  20. Pieter B says

    If the book doesn’t fit in a Priority Mail Flat Rate envelope (9.5″ x 12.5″), it should fit in a flat-rate box (8.5 x 11 x 5.5 and 11 7/8 x 3 3/8 x 11 5/8), which ships for $8.95 regardless of weight.

  21. says

    Man, I wanted to post, but there were already 200+ comments, so I just gave up after reading the first 50 or so. Congrats Mr. Scott.