1. Teenage Lobotomy says

    Question of the day. Can a neuroscience BABE fall
    in love with a Atheist BSA Ridin Flintlock Shootin Ramones
    fan 25yrs+ her age?

  2. Christianjb says

    From the Random Quote bar on the left:

    “… Dad says the sun isnt going out. He says its colder because the earth’s orbit is taking us farther from the sun…”

    Bill Watterson, Calvin and Hobbes

    Does the Bad Astronomer know you’re perpetuating this bit of bad astronomy?

  3. Carlie says

    But, but, there are PICTURES of ceiling cat! Of course, he looks different in each one of them, but that’s the, um, variable nature of ceiling cat, that he is all things to all species. And he has made many pronouncements! They are written down in the sacred texts of icanhascheezburger!

    F’ing apostates.

  4. Rich Stage says

    My ‘tiels* have some thoughts on all this
    They say, “Wait, God doesn’t exist?”
    And then they both say
    (while the cat is away)
    “Feed me or we’ll bite off your wrist.”

    I wonder if they’d feel the same
    (or would I just be changing the game)
    Would they call me a sinner,
    if, when the cat needed dinner
    I’d forgotten to secure their cage?

    God’s where you want him to be.
    In a book, in the air, on TV.
    One thing I don’t get:
    Am I God to my pets?
    I hope not; that thought terrifies me.

    *Cockatiels, for all you non-avian types.

  5. Bob V says

    Well, my cat actually, who is god of his own universe in this house, often looks up at our ceiling fans with terror, as if they are some sort of bird about to swoop down and carry him away. Must be something in his genes, I figure…