You mean I-35 doesn’t dispense magical cures?

Remember that bizarre video from Pat Robertson that claimed I-35 was a holy highway? One element featured there was a cheerful (ex-?)gay man who claimed to have been “cured” in one of the Purity Sieges the Christians put on.

It turns out that the story wasn’t quite as beautiful as it was portrayed. The fellow was bipolar, was deprived of his medicine, put through a hellish harrowing instead of treatment, and was eventually kicked out of the “gay cure” program as a failure. The poor guy was simply manipulated for propaganda purposes by these Christianist fanatics.


  1. me says

    I love having the sort of scientific mind that can observe a phenomenon (a manic gay kid screaming salvation on a Holy Fucking Video), then state a Hypothesis (“that sorry sucker is still 100% grade A gay) and then make a testable prediction (we haven’t heard the last of that boy).

  2. BicycleRepairMan says

    Oh my , oh my. Bet you didnt see that one coming, eh? The interesting thing is that I never heard atheist or skeptics (like on this website) go : “cured gay?? Pfft” even tho the story was so obviously implausible. Instead, we took their claim as an “oh really?” and waited for the evidence. *Pats self on back* Gooood skeptic, goooooood.

  3. me says

    connect the dots:

    fraudulent predatory/coercive christian group….Pat Robertson…who endorses candidacy of Rudy Guilliani

    I mean, seriously, who is really doing the nasty in this story?

  4. Jeff says

    The last church I attended was a charismatic one that my parents selected for us, during my years of high school. It was very common for the “healings” that took place to receive a lot of attention. But then weeks or months later we’d be praying for the same people, the same ailments, again, and the entire church seemed to have some sort of collective amnesia about the original miracle.

  5. says

    I heard about this. It’s pretty terrible. I wish they’d stop with all the “we can cure gays” crap, because I know from reading about it that it’s all a load of bunk.

  6. raven says

    is it just me, or is all those religious nut-wits do is lie?


    Wow!!! That is a silly comment. Of course not.

    They can also get quite violent and occasionally kill people.

    One of them just went off his rocker in Colorado and bagged 9 members, 4 fatally.

  7. DLC says

    Gee… Witch-doctors coerce a bipolar man into being “not-gay” for what, a month? And now we find out that “Straight-Camp” is about as much fun as a clam-bake hosted by Xenu.
    But, in his case, it apparently didn’t “take”.

    I would like to take this opportunity to remind people that Witch-Doctor Robertson claimed in 1991 that God had told him he would be “in 1700 Pennsylvania Ave” on Jan 20 1993.
    I don’t recall him being invited to Bill Clinton’s inaugural.

    Robertson was also dealt with by James Randi in his book “Faith Healers”. I’d like nothing more than to see these witch-doctors hauled before a judge on charges of fraud, but I hold out little hope. They don’t heal anyone, but they make me sick.

  8. raven says

    Robertson is at least a traditionalist.

    He once said he didn’t have to be nice to the Catholics because they were a Church of Satan. That is good old fashioned religion. Nothing like a little sectarian hatred to insprire the parishoners.

  9. says

    These zealots disgust me. There is no “cure” for being gay. And, you’d think, in the 21st Century, we wouldn’t feel that there would have to be a freakin’ need for one.

    Christianity, with all its myths, fables and outright bullshit, is nothing more than dead weight and an anchor around the necks of a population that desperately needs to advance before our stupidity drives us straight into extinction.

  10. gravitybear says

    DLC, good ol’ Pat may have been at 1700 Penn. Ave.
    He certainly wasn’t at the WHite House, which is at 1600.

  11. says

    The people who spout the language of religion can be hilarious in their unintentional humor. I suppose that it’s the greater glory of God that keeps them from bursting into laughter when they say things such as “Stabile felt God moving in him then” and “We laid hands on him.” I suppose that should be followed by several shouts of “Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, God!”

  12. Moses says

    And they say gays are immoral?



    Posted by: John C. Randolph | December 16, 2007 7:16 AM

    Too bad he wasn’t packing heat. If those damn liberals would have let him have a gun, those hypocrite Christianistas could have never gotten away with this…

    And that bastard who stole my parking spot the other day… Mwa ha ha ha ha haaa….. I remember “The Shootist” and it’s “violence solves everything” message…

  13. Grumpy says

    Something I wanted to mention when this I-35 nonsense first came up…

    If there’s supposedly a connection between Interstate 35 and the “highway” reference in Isaiah 35, it’s only because the verses, which were not originally separate, were coincidentally numbered that way. One must then believe that whoever did the numbering must have been prophets themselves. According to Wikipedia, that appears to have been Archbishop Stephen Langton and Cardinal Hugo de Sancto Caro in the 13th century.

  14. says

    The worst thing about Pat Robertson is his endorsing a candidate (Rudy G.) who has worn drag (“an abomination unto the Lord), had multiple affairs and even used public funds to accommodate the latest one (took money from Christians to pay for sinful activities!) What a disgrace.

    PS: I, like Andrew Sullivan, think that “Christianist” is a good term to refer to the worst of that sector – it’s like saying “neocon” so people don’t think you mean all conservatives are bad, agree or disagree with even the latter.

  15. Molly, NYC says

    is it just me, or is all those religious nut-wits do is lie?
    (GodlessHeathen @ #2)

    No, they don’t all lie. What you’ve got is (a) a majority of fundies who really are pretty much as they present themselves as–guilt-ridden fools who’ve been persuaded that, if they don’t force themselves to believe in something which, were it presented to them in a less emotion-laden manner, they would immediately comprehend as abject hooey, they will not only fry in a burning Hell in the next life but be contemptible in this one, and who are, as a result of this self-coerced belief, primed to fall for freaking anything, as long as it comes from a co-religionists; and (b) a sizable minority who recognize that, as long as they can pass as co-religionists, they can skin the aforementioned group (a) down to their last shirt and still receive their heartfelt blessing.

    (An analogy: Group(a)::proselytizing operations::group(b) as ducks::Ducks Unlimited::duck hunters.)

    It makes sense for members of group (b) to push themselves into positions of authority within a religion, or at least to make as big a deal as possible about their piety, as either of these tacks enhance their credibility as co-religionists, while allowing them to guilt-trip and otherwise jerk around members of group (a).

    The upshot is that, while not all those religious nut-wits lie all the bloody time, their leadership generally does.

  16. DLC says

    DLC, good ol’ Pat may have been at 1700 Penn. Ave.
    He certainly wasn’t at the WHite House, which is at 1600.

    Posted by: gravitybear

    gravitybear : Yes, I know. the reason why I said 1700 Penn. ave was because during Robertsons’ 700 club show where he announced his candidacy, Robertson had a “message from god” wherein The Deity informed him that he would be at 1700 Pennsylvania Ave. And then he corrected himself and said 1600.
    As to how I happened to be watching The 700 Club, I used to watch about once a month, just to see the line of BS.
    It was on late at night on cable and I used to work nights.

  17. says

    Just found out about the James Stabile thing (“ex-gay treatment). I thought something was fishy when I first read about it: 1. It wasn’t aired til several months later, 2. James Stabile couldn’t get his story straight, and 3. Heartland Ministries didn’t capitalize on the story as much as you would expect. In my blog, I thought it was some kind of set-up.

    I hope that Stabile’s parents (his father is a prominent Dallas minister who accepts his being gay) sue Heartland for kidnapping and entrapment and 700 Club for fraud. Coercing a bi-polar teenager to throw away his meds is criminal.