I guess I hadn’t heard of it because it was a secret

Has everyone else heard of the Secret Science Club, though? It sounds a bit like Cafe Scientififique, but with a New York attitude — you lucky New Yorkers ought to go (it’s a bit far for this lucky Minnesotan to make the commute).

It’s got a good writeup in the Gothamist, too. And a nice logo.



  1. Tim Murtaugh says

    I’ve been a few times — the bar is fantastic and the lectures are almost always very interesting.

  2. Spaulding says

    Sounds interesting. Let’s compile a list of similar events in other cities, too.

    Cafe Scientifique (numerous international locations) has been mentioned before. Anyone know of others?

  3. says

    I haven’t been to one yet (that’s what happens when you move to Connecticut), but I’m sure it’s cool because it’s the creation of Dorian Devins, science saloniste extraordinaire. I was on her old radio show, The Green Room, which has now been superseded by the more varied fare of her new show, The Speakeasy http://speakeasyreview.blogspot.com/

  4. Blondin says

    Do they allow girls?

    Just kidding. It just reminds me of a kids “sooper seekrit” club kinda thing…

  5. Louis says

    WOW! They had Ronald Breslow talk! That’s catnip to us synthetic chemists. That chap is a genius. If the calibre of speakers is at the Breslow level then I recommend MOVING to NYC just for that!

    I’m off to convince the wife!


  6. Dahan says

    “The Secret Science Club presents “Evolve!” on Wednesday, December 5 @ 8 pm”

    When I first read that I thought “Oh crap, it’s a bunch of loonies” because that “Evolve!” title, complete with exclamation point, is the same as the name of a really woo filled magazine available for free in Minneapolis. See http://www.evolvemagazine.com Glad to see it’s not true.

  7. wildcardjack says

    Yet another reminder that I need to move from this podunk town.

    It’s not the town that’s small, it’s the minds.