Happy Birthday, I think

Rumor has it that it is John Wilkins’ eleventeenth birthday. He’s on the other side of the planet, though, where it’s tomorrow already, so I’m not sure if his birthday was yesterday which is today or tomorrow which might be today or what. Go wish him a happy celebration anyway and tell him to explain the date to us.


  1. Louis says

    Wilkins and I share a birthday. I’ve mentioned it to him before and yet no card, no flowers…..

    That’s the last time I let him schmooze me with that wily philosophical charm of his.

    Wait! What wily philosophical charm? Forget I said anything.


  2. says

    Louis, the flowers are in the mail, but since Australian mail travels via Outer Mongolia, by sea, it may take a while.

    Thank you Paul. I have my birthday 10 hours before GMT just to confuse overseas friends. I am now celebrating my birthday in the US. So the advantage of the time zones is that I can celebrate for about 40 hours.

    I think I’ll go have another beer.

  3. Louis says

    Ah the old excuses are the best. I accept! I’ve sent you that cheque for a million AU$ I owe you, same route.

    Happy Birthday John. I recommend the beer. I’ve heard good things about it.