Good news from Minnetonka

Remember how I told people to Vote "no" on Bill Wenmark, the creationist school board member in the Minnetonka school district? Well, you did. Or at least that subset of you eligible to vote in that local election did. Bill Wenmark is out, and good people have been elected. The last vestiges of Intelligent Design creationism have been, ahem, expelled from one school district.


  1. Robin says

    I’m sure some other creationist whack-jobs got elected to the school boards under the radar, though.

  2. says

    Minnetonka is where Tonka toys used to be based.

    Just the kind of little factoid my spongy brain loves. Thanks, Robin, I’d actually long wondered about the origins of the name of some of my favourite childhood toys.

  3. Fox1 says

    Actually, the toys are named after the lake Minnetonka, not the city, and the company was started in Mound, MN, which is in a different school district than the one we’re talking about here. And all of this involves locations that are very much not. in. Wisconsin.

  4. says

    I grew up in Minnetonka and as a young man worked for the City of Minnetonka in the Park Department.

    Now I am in California.

    Intelligent design is threatening to the host of this bb not because of religion but because there is a design issue in biology that remains unanswered. That’s the area of my study–and it involves electrics.