Must learn to write faster…

I was sitting down this evening to write up this nifty new paper from the Carroll lab, when I noticed that Carl Zimmer beat me to it. Dang. There are all these other bloggers around here, and it’s hard to keep on top of all of them, all at once.

Go read it anyway. It’s good stuff, all about the importance of regulatory changes in evolution.


  1. becca says

    I’ve been waiting to use this line-
    BEHOLD! The Awesome Power of Yeast Genetics!!!

    Carroll is coming to give a lecture nearby me soon, huzzah!

  2. Peter Barber says

    You’ve got eight arms and you’re complaining you can’t type fast enough? Cthulhu will definitely not be eating you first for being so ungrateful!

  3. Arnosium Upinarum says

    PZ, if you got any faster you’d become superluminal and we wouldn’t be able catch up to you! Alas, there are only so many microseconds in a day.