1. Trevor Murray says

    I’ve been waiting to see this for so long. Too bad I’m a poor student and it never made it to the cinema (that i know of) here in Australia.

  2. says

    I saw ‘Dodos’ as part of the whirlwind tour through Kansas. I highly recommend it, and will be ordering my copy to show at one of our local atheist meetups. :D


  3. Northern Virginia says

    I recently joined NetFlix and am delighted that when I see a recommendation, like this, I can now hop over there and add it to my queue.

  4. says

    Great news. But why is the DVD encoded Region 1? It’s not as if they were going to pull in megabucks in foreign markets. Surely region-less coding would have been a lot simpler and allow people from around the world to buy the DVD now. (Yes, I know about players that are region-agnostic, but that’s not the point).