1. Skeptyk says

    “Bustin’ my pirate hump
    Rockin’ my peg leg stump
    My mind natur’ly turns
    To taxidermy”


  2. Bart says

    They Might Be Giants is always in my list of favorite bands. Good clean fun. As a side note, they are also in my list of intelegent bands or, athiest and against religion. Throw in Clutch, Rush, Bad Religion, Godsmack, hrm, what other bands out there openly declare themselves athiest, and pro science? Too many of the non-christian bands are, well, woo woo believers.

  3. kmiers says

    Nice. I really liked the taxidermied Invisible Pink Unicorn. But wait….. I could see her. I guess I don’t need faith after all!

  4. Christian Burnham says

    Bart: Vic Chesnutt is an atheist singer songwriter who’s worth checking out.

  5. Schmeer says

    There are many atheist heavy metal bands. One obvious one: Atheist. Also there are many which pretend to be satanic for the imagery such as Dimmu Borgir (they sell a t-shirt that says “All Religion Sickens me”) and Slayer.
    Unfortunately it seems like Christian heavy metal has had a surge in popularity recently, blech.

  6. kumuppins says

    A Second From the Surface, the Minneapolis “death” metal band. Nicest guys on the planet, all would give you the shirt off their backs to help out, yet they are all atheists … hmmm go figure. They use the idiocy of religion emphasized by their “black, dark, changeable” music and lyrics to demonstrate the anti-corporate, anti-theistic, but pro-social real life.

    Play that funky music, PZ, you cute squiddly you! – would love to learn, have the time and patience to do claymation. Ahem, kudos to the authors of this vid.

  7. says

    First off I’m a big TMBG fan so I was happy to see a song by them on a site I enjoy, and its a song I hadn’t heard before, double plus good. “The sun is a mass of incandescent gas” is still my favorite by them.

    NOFX has some amazing atheist songs of late, also some great political stuff, sometimes intertwined. Leaving jesusland, I’m going to hell for this one, you’re wrong, wolf in wolves clothing, those are some of there better atheistic tunes, and all from their latest albums although “War on Errorism” had some good stuff too on the political end, mostly.

    Leftover Crack, they’re about as subtle as their name suggests, but Atheist Anthem is a good song to scream along to with a chorus, “all the kids in the straight edge scene in the basement huffin’ gasoline, dead dead dead dead, your god is dead to me!” But some of there songs are a bit too screamy death-metal for me but a good time. Here’s the lyrics, I like the bit, “with a coupon jesus christ will save”

  8. Rey Fox says

    Hmmmm…nope, Godsmack still sucks. Tracks 3 and 4 from R.E.M.’s “New Adventures In Hi-Fi” seem to paint Stipe at least as atheist. Noted punk rock orator (and former Dead Kennedys frontman, now man of a million musical side projects) Jello Biafra has railed against religion for years, most notably in the DK song “All Religions Make Me Want To Throw Up”. Um…and former Monkee Mickey Dolenz!

  9. says

    Oh I forgot, NOFX is a punk band, there are plenty of anti-religion death-metal bands but you can rarely make out anything I’d call words and so they don’t really get any message across. Plus many of them like satanic imagery which goes against atheism. I think many of those bands just use any cliche that is offensive to the majority but I just hate metal. Although Leftover Crack is pretty close to metal at times, they are about as angry as I listen too. NOFX on the other hand you can actually distinguish the lyrics and often have some quality ideas too. If you want to hear the NOFX song, “you’re wrong” just click my name and its on my site towards the top on the right. It’s also the slowest song they do, easy to understand and very simply hits on every conservative idea and says they are wrong. Enjoy.

  10. Brian W. says

    I love TMBG but this song does nothing for me. I’m still convinced that their song Museum Of Idiots is about Ken Ham.

  11. stogoe says

    Reel Big Fish (ska) has a deconversion anthem on their newest CD “Monkeys for Nothin and the Chimps for Free”. At least, I’m pretty sure it is, English Major Po-Mo wankery aside.

  12. stogoe says

    I love ‘You’re Wrong’, Kilgore. I need more NOFX – I only have War on Errorism and Never Trust a Hippy.

  13. zeekster says

    TMBG has always been one of my favorite bands, among other reasons, for their song content. I can’t say any other band has made me excited to learn about palindromes, monotremes, Argonauts, and James K Polk. And the continue to turn out the hits. The newest album, the Else, is great!

  14. rrt says

    Big fan here too, though I’m not quite warmed up to The Else yet. I do like this song, though, and the video helps! :)