Any Ann Arborites want to meet up?

I’ve got a better idea of what my schedule is like, and even have a recommendation for a hangout tonight — would anyone care to join me at the Arbor Brewing Company tonight (Thursday) around 7 or 8pm? I’m going whether anyone shows up or not, and if nobody joins me, I’ll be drinking alone…and how pathetic would that be?

Look for the bearded fellow with a copy of that book with a bright yellow cover titled “God is Not Great” — I’ll be working on my Hitchens impersonation.


  1. says

    I’d love to join you, but it’s like, two states away. And I’ve got to get up early because I’m going fishing very early tomorrow AM ….

  2. Goby says

    If you need to stock up on gourment cooking items, be sure to visit Zingerman’s deli in Ann Arbor. Outstanding selection of cheeses, breads, olive oils, etc.

  3. says

    If you want to do a Hitchens impression you need to use Single-Malt as your prop, rather than beer.

    I just finished the book. I am in awe.

  4. says

    If you want to do a Hitchens impression you need to use Single-Malt as your prop, rather than beer.

    I just finished the book. I am in awe.

  5. Flex says

    That’s a very tempting offer and I might just take you up on it. If nothing else, getting away from work for a bit would be nice. I love my job, but on occasion (like this week) a quote package comes in for a new use of technology and I spend far more time that I expect designing some circuitry to meet automotive requirements.

    Of course, I expect there to be a couple of hundred screaming fans surrounding your table while you exhort them to throw off the chains of magical thinking. ;)

    An additional enticement is that the Arbor Brewing company makes some good beer. These days I keep a half-barrel of their Red Snapper bitter in my basement in order to maintain a clear perspective on reality.


  6. DiscGrace says

    Aww geez – last night I got my order from a elementary schoolkid’s fundraiser screwed up, so that she delivered me a bag University of Michigan-shaped pasta instead of Michigan State … and now PZ is visiting the land of my arch-rivals? For shame.

    (You should try and eat at Blimpie Burger while you’re there, with an order of fried veggies. It’s amazingly delicious.)

  7. says

    Perhaps if you were planning to wear a pretty red dress, I might make the haul from Wisconsin to buy you a drink.

  8. says

    Damn, missed you by a week. I’ll be in Ann Arbor next week for a CUR Institute.

    How was Arbor Brewing Company? I’ve been looking for recommendations for food & beer.

  9. J-Dog says

    You should email Shelley Batts. Ask her to bring her St. Patrick’s Day paraphanalia! I USED to party in Ann Arbor at Mr. Flood’s Party, but I think that is now long gone…

  10. Barry says

    “How was Arbor Brewing Company? I’ve been looking for recommendations for food & beer. ”

    Posted by: Jim Lemire

    That place has good beer (they won an award for Irish Stout – in Ireland). Grizzly Peak, a few blocks to the west on Washington, is great for both food and drink (I’ll know more about the ABC’s food this evening).

    Do you like Thai food? Cheap sushi?

  11. Steve in MI says

    PZ, there is a DL group meeting on the other side of campus tonight… they’ll be at a nice local place that sadly closes up at 10pm. Don’t be surprised if you get an influx of (very nice – I can vouch) DL’ers around 10:15…

  12. stogoe says

    at#2: Zingerman’s is, incidentally, the only place in the US where my Dutch relatives’ cheese is sold.

  13. chris rattis says

    I’ll stop by. Its not too far from where I work, and I leave at 7:00pm. Green and white shirt, yellow and black phone.

  14. stogoe says

    DL is Drinking Liberally. I’d go to my local chapter, but I’m afraid of meeting new people and I don’t want to be the only liberal bomb-chucker in a gaggle of nice, moderate midwesterners.

  15. says

    I don’t live in Michigan anymore, and I really miss the beer. You’re definitely stopping at the right establishment. Make sure you try the Faricy Fest Irish Stout.

  16. Lana says

    This is very cool. You announce where you’re going to be with a “y’all join me”, or the midwestern equivalent. I’m almost finished with “god is Not Good” and am really enjoying it. You might prefer reading to chatting with strangers. And I’m sure Hitch would agree that drinking alone is not pathetic.

  17. says

    I’m a Michigan grad, but I’ve since moved West to Denver. My sister still lives in Ann Arbor, though, and I still have plenty of ties there. ABC is a great place for beer and food – one of the few places in Ann Arbor you can get good babyback ribs. Also, ditto on all the Zingerman’s comments (though it was a little expensive when I was a student)

    Anyways, I really wish I could be there. PZ, I’ll bet you’re a fascinating drinking buddy. Let me know if you ever come out West, I’d buy you a beer.

  18. Brian says

    Hey PZ, when you gonna come down to Melbourne, Australia? I’ll share a beer or two with you if you find yourself in the area…..

  19. Maezeppa says

    Hitchens impression? In a bar? Yikes. Sorry, can’t give you any points for difficulty, I’m afraid.

  20. Kyle says

    What brings you to town? I hope it’s not some sort of convention or talk you’re giving and I’ve missed the memo.

    If I didn’t have an exam tomorrow morning, I’d certainly have bought you a drink. Curse these summer classes! Who needs to graduate, anyway?

  21. says

    When are you coming to Toronto? We have Cameron’s Auburn Ale, which is good for everyone, whether they’re used to thin beer or want something with a little taste ans substance.

    Now, stop drinking beer and let us know how it was!

  22. says

    Stogoe, thanks for the translation. Is that where liberal-minded people get together to commiserate and solve the world’s problems?

    Some of my favourites are: “Make companies using water take their water downstream of their own outflow” and “If someone’s licence is suspended, impound their car!”

  23. synthesist says

    I would love to, but it’s a bit of a trek from the UK !.
    however, if you are over here again I’ll be more than happy to buy you a pint or two.

  24. Flex says

    Let’s see,

    There was Chris and Chris and Karl and Felix and Gary and Thomas and a philosophy instructor whom I know I was introduced to but regrettably have forgotten his name, and another fellow who I wasn’t introduced to.
    One of these was undoubtably the jdkbrown from the comments above. I also sincerely apologise to anyone who was there, but I have forgotten to mentioned. Speak up in the comments! Don’t let me get away with forgetting people!
    Then there was a table of people from the genetic programming conferance, who I never got a chance to talk with.

    After the introductory table dance, Prof. Myers threw himself into the waiting gaggle of groupies who proceeded to… wait… I’ve said too much!

    Okay, it was really an extended converstation of the best bar type. The topics included, but were not limited to: beer; the meaning of the phrase ‘superiority of human experiance’; the work of Heinlein, Haldeman and E.E. ‘Doc’ Smith; Mac vs. PC; and the nature of personal experiance.

    Which, as most of us had never met before, reminds me of one of my favorite observation. Every person on this planet is interesting, and it’s worth the effort to break down any communication barriers between us in order to get to the interesting bits. The disparate group of people who met last night, who joined up in recognition of the power of Prof. Myers’ writing and out of an interest and love of science, showed no concern over jumping (often loudly) into the conversation with their own experiances and ideas. That makes for a memorable conversation and an enjoyable evening.
    The group broke up shortly after ten, so if any DL’ers showed up after Dominick’s closed, I’m sorry we missed you.

    So far as I could tell, a good time was had by all.


  25. says

    I might do it again tonight — once I knew my evening schedule a little better, I’ll post an announcement about where I’ll be. Any suggestions for places near the Bell Tower Hotel that wouldn’t be too noisy or crowded?

  26. chris rattis says

    I won’t be able to make it tonight, but Middle Kingdom is about 2 blocks east of where we were last night. It’s the Chinese restaurant we mentioned. Like Felix and I said, ask for the Chinese menu. It’s in Chinese and English, and the food is really good.

  27. says

    I’ll be around to hopefully swing by and say hello. I thought I might have missed my chance last night. If you’re looking for a place near the hotel, maybe Red Hawk? Good pub food and a nice, albeit small, bar.

  28. giri says

    PZ, it was great to meet you in person. And all the others too. (As promised, I’m no longer a lurker.)
    Flex, the philosophy fellow’s name was Josh.
    – giri (not gary)

  29. Flex says

    Thank you Giri,

    I was afraid that I miss-heard your name.

    Please accept my apologies and I’ll try to do better in the future.

  30. Mosasarus rex says

    Dang, I figured there’d be a PZ-fest in A2! My attendance was foiled by business travel. Perhaps another time.