1. craig says

    Saw him last fall, he said he’d been in and out of hospitals, he wasn’t looking too good. I sure hope he has at least another ten years in him.

  2. davis says

    The most anti-religious people I know are lapsed Catholics. I wonder why (sarcasm alert).

    Mort Sahl just turned 80.

  3. sailor says

    Thanks for posting this. It is hillarious. Funnily enough I was mentioned this show to a pastor friend today – I have now emailed to them. (The only pastor’s I deal with have a great sense of humor).

  4. says

    Happy birthday to George, and I want to personally thank you for not writing, “happy belated birthday,” and thus preventing me from having to scream, “IT’S THE GREETING THAT’S LATE, NOT THE BIRTHDAY!!!”

  5. HairlessMonkeyDK says

    Thanks for posting this!
    I didn’t know this was on Youtube.
    I’d already listened to it, but to see him perform it is glorious.
    I especially like how (in the end) he distinguishes between those who literally believe everything, and those who merely look to the Bible for “moral lessons”,
    and then mentions the 3 little swine as a better guide.