Woo hoo II!

My next Seed column was just sent off to the overlords. I love this time of year! Everything is coming to tidy conclusions, so I can focus on one thing at once instead of 10, get it done, and unlike the usual Lernaean Hydra-like state of affairs, it doesn’t bloom into two new tasks.

Then, tomorrow … no classes, so I’m going to be able to just rip through all my grading without interruption. And then Friday and this weekend I’ll be free to tear through a major administrative chore that’s been dogging me for the last few months.



  1. Shigella says

    You know, finals week is usually not my favorite time of the year, but to each his/her own, eh?

  2. Adrian Clement says

    Do you think abiogenesis is impossible? I’ve heard from creationists that abiogenesis is not only statistically improbale but it’s also impossible.

  3. Andrew Cooper says

    So does this mean that you’re basically on holiday until the Autumn? If so, do the words ‘jammy bugger’ mean anything on your side of the Pond?

  4. Bob O'H says

    Woo hoo! Now you get time to prevaricate! If that ‘major administrative chore’ is done over the weekend, I’ll be disappointed in you.


  5. Brian says

    You seriously must be one of the most organized people getting around. How the hell do you do it? I’m flat out working regular job, doing a bit of studying for a part time degree and reading the odd book, spending time with my wife and generally goofing off. Any tips? I’m an lazy slacker who likes to relax and doesn’t mind a beer or 12. So, if it requires changing those qualities, I’ll struggle.

  6. SJ says

    A little something to amuse you while getting through grading…

    Not sure if you’ve seen it, but its the Simpson’s take on evolution

  7. xebecs says

    PZ, you are a deceiver.

    Because of the title, I was expecting a nasty evisceration of the latest woo. Nasty, dripping sarcasm and contempt.

    Instead, joy. Joy I can’t share in directly.

    You better blog like hell all summer to make it up to us.