1. says

    After clicking on the link, I am not sure if I should be disappointed about the lack of nakedness under the lab coat, or relieved.

    On second thought, a reference to nakedness and fungus makes me relieved that the nakedness wasn’t evident.

    Oh, and I don’t know what fungus it is either. Tinea would be my fungus of preference, considering the other known places where fungus can form.

  2. Mike Fox says

    They can chafe. Yet, in her profile picture, that seems to be all Joolya is wearing.

  3. John Vreeland says

    Oh, my Candida
    We could make it together
    The further from here, girl, the better
    Where the air is fresh and clean

  4. says

    Thanks PZ and gentle readers! So far I’m leaning towards it being some kind of person-carried Candida, though I would not be surprised if it came from the HVAC, since the flow hood right next to it was on the blink all week.
    Anyway, cheers again for the traffic and input.
    PS: don’t worry, all, I usually do wear clothes in the lab. It’s like, a metaphor, dig? Haha.