Mohler (and Myers) in the news

That article I wrote on the Albert Mohler’s bizarre endorsement of gene therapy for gay fetuses got quoted in an AP article on the subject. Unfortunately, they don’t provide enough info for readers to find their way back here, but it does give a good range of perspectives anyway.


  1. Geral says

    It’s still really cool you have AP reporters snooping around for quotes. Or at least people who direct your blog to them.

    Hello AP!

  2. Rienk says

    I have an idea for Mohler on which AP does not write about.

    Adultery is a sin, right? Well, we can just surgically take out the gametes, store them for use and chemically castrate all people so they will not have a sex drive. Then we just hand out a baby to them every year to raise. Of course, all babies will be preselected and indoctrinated to be good Aryan Christian children because those liberal infidels think it is okay to let gay people be gay!

    Seriously, he’s fundamentalist enough to use “evil science” to create his perfect Christian world.

  3. Mac says

    Congrats, PZ! The Mohler story infuriated me when I read it in the Star Tribune this morning…until I saw your name at the bottom. I’m glad I knew about Pharyngula to read your full post. Nice work!

  4. Keanus says

    If Mohler things altering a fetus’ genetic makeup to “cure” homosexuality (almost certainly impossible), then how would he rationalize parents who wanted a “designer” baby. You know, males who were straight (of course), had blond hair and blue eyes, would stand 6’4″ and weigh 210 lbs when grown, have a “strong jaw”, and so on. Talk about immoral conduct. And he thinks an abortion in the first trimester is immoral! Mohler is nuts in more ways than one.

  5. says

    Dr. Jack Drescher, a New York City psychiatrist critical of those who consider homosexuality a disorder, commended Mohler’s openness to the prospect that it is biologically based. “This represents a major shift,” Drescher said. “This is a man who actually has an open mind, who is struggling to reconcile his religious beliefs with facts that contradict it.”

    Oh, whoopie. *Throws confetti* Just wait until they come up with the “idea” that they can biologically “cure” atheism, non-Christian religions, a preference for punk rock, and modern art in the same manner.

    *Gets ticket for littering*

  6. Biblically Sound says

    Anyone who reads the bible knows where Mohler is coming from and understands that sin is sin. However, the uneducated, reading-deficient, and starved for truth American who disagrees is completely in the dark on some basic words like SIN, God (big G) and Jesus Christ. Christ came to save the world not to condemn it, however, there are things that cause him to wonder about our sanity. If you actually read what Mohler says and understand the Bible and what it means, you’d be able to see the truth.

  7. Steve_C says

    Yeah. Ok. And a lie is a lie.

    Maybe if you actually let go of your god belief you would understand science.

    Try not to pull a muscle.