1. Steve LaBonne says

    That, sir, is a vile slur. On douchebags, which unlike Wells, actually perform a useful function.

  2. says

    I apologize, Steve LaBonne, for tarnishing the good names of douchebags everywhere, who are hard-working, wonderful objects that simply perform a dirty job. I suppose I actually have more in common with a douchebag than Wells does. Here I am, spraying Wells with a pure, clean spritz of science, removing all the gunk and gore that comes from his mouth, much like a douche does to a woman’s encrusted nether-regions. Perhaps we should reclaim this word as a symbol of science and right-thinking. Or not.

  3. says

    Bit harsh on the Dark Ages, too: they really didn’t know about evolution and were not as culturally barren as previously thought. The rest have no such excuse, and deserve obloquy, which is a great word and worth 20 at scrabble, 70 if you use all 7 letters. Ooooh.

  4. says

    I wasn’t being harsh on the Dark Ages, Peter. Notice how that slice doesn’t overlap the Stupidity circle. The Dark Age was simple an age of theocracy, and their ignorance of science and the like is understandable, being mostly illiterate and mostly focused on growing crops and killing pagans and such.

  5. archgoon says

    Well. Let it never be said that PZ Myers thinks that all religion is stupid. Our hat is off to you and your moderation. :)