Science illustrators have so much fun

Here’s a peek at a work in progress: it’s got two kinds of cephalopods, Stethacanthus, and crinoids front and center. Delicious.


  1. says

    …thanks for pointing at that. Provides a nice change of pace from where I work. That have me (the liberal-arts, English-degree guy) reverse-engineering their big machines that make tiny computer parts.

    Ah, …to picnic on the shore of that distant, long-ago land.

  2. Apikoros says

    Err… Are you sure that crinoids are cephalopods or am I misreading? I thought that crinoids were echinoderms and cephalopods were mollusca.

  3. Chinchillazilla says


    That’s sort of what I want to do, but I feel guilty aspiring to be an artist when my parents are so convinced I can cure cancer… *rolls eyes*