1. Paguroidea says

    So very sad.

    Zeke was very fortunate to have Chris and Becky for owners all those years. If I were a dog, I would definitely pick them for family.

  2. Rugosa says

    I didn’t want to put this on Chris’s blog, he has enough to deal with right now, but the sweetest poem about losing a dog was written by Ogden Nash. It ends:

    She seems to pant, time up, time up.
    My little dog must die
    And lie in dust with Hector’s pup.
    And so, by god, must I.

  3. Hank Fox says

    PZ, these little moments of compassion ruin your image. Here you’re supposed to be this evil perverted of the godly paradigm, and you go and demonstrate this actual FEELING for dogs and dog-owners.

    You had A Great Loss to Caninity back on March 3, 2006.

    … and now this.

  4. kathy a says

    i see no reason why compassion can’t or shouldn’t happen despite a passionate devotion to science, nature, law, etc.

    but, anyway, the event is too fresh and raw, so i’m posting here instead of chris’ blog, assuming chris will check in when he is ready. our pups, buddy-the-gentle and cora-the-incorigible, went on a good romp in wildcat canyon today, just as zeke would have liked. the cats have been more staid in their rememberances, but all were adopted, just like zekie was — 2 of the 5 pets were from the same shelter. our blind youngest cat, the duke of earl, has been especially hungry today. he got some token dog food, his very favorite treat — earl was fostered with dogs as a rescue kitten, and he never did master cat manners. he would have adored zeke to no end.

  5. Hank Fox says

    I think it was a great loss to all of us who have enjoyed reading Chris Clarke’s blog over the years.

    Zeke was special. I was lucky enough to meet him and his human this past November. I was headed for the gym today when a friend called me and told me about it. I sat in my truck and cried — tears for Zeke but also for Ranger and Tito, my own good friends.

    I’ve thought many times that I’d love to see a local bar offer an annual Old Dogs Night, where owners could meet in sympathetic company to toast the memory of each furry friend-gone-by.

  6. kathy a says

    hank — kensington circus? they are good to kids; why not dogs, too? [i don’t get out much. ron sullivan probably has more ideas.]

  7. Rob G says

    The only thing worse than them leaving us, is us leaving before them.

    Of the few species that I know well, dogs are the only ones that I love completely, and unconditionally.

  8. Steve_C says

    Tru my 16 year old dog had to be euthanized last friday. His kidneys were failing… he was still so lucid which made it so hard. They walk next to you for so long. It’s so odd not to have him there with me.

    Bye Tru, Bye Zeke.

    We’ll miss you.

  9. Paguroidea says

    So sorry for your loss Steve_C. Pets certainly enrich our lives but oh the sorrow we must face when they’re gone. Hang in there.

  10. Pygmy Loris says

    My sympathies Steve_C for your loss.

    I agree with Hank (and Monado), an “Old Dogs and Cats Night” might be one of the few times I make it our to the bar.