1. jenjen says

    Wierd, how out of all these points, it’s the one about Wilco that seems to draw the most attention. Does that mean the other ones are good? Shouldn’t there be a statement about the Arts in there somewhere?

  2. says

    I think it’s because Wilco has nothing to do with science. All the rest of the points are hardly even arguable, well, they shouldn’t be arguable. But Wilco being good, and sometimes exceptional, that’s kind of a silly.

  3. Tim says

    Things like “It’s all relative” or “shit happens” seem to lessen the impact of some of the ones that kind of deal with social justice. Maybe this is like a meta-truth, which is why the dudes set it up to be editable.

    Paul, you should see if something about invertebrates generally, or squids specifically can make the list. Like “Squids are way cooler than mice.”

  4. says

    again i must intervene to put wilco’s status as exceptional back onto the list of “universally agreed upon” facts. it is so. it is a truth. discussion to the contrary is what’s silly. yes. this is so. oh coathangrrr. we feel for you.

  5. brigid8it says

    “Squids are way way cooler than Wilco”

    But seriously, I noticed that the first commenter had a problem with “Men and Women are Equal,” and then lists a bunch of physical reasons. That kind of ticks me off.

  6. jeffk says

    Yeah, I don’t particularily care for the phrase “it’s all relative”, even though there’s a lot of truth in it. It almost undermines the other statements. One can start with rationality and decide, say, that “intelligent design is wrong” – relativism undermines that truth that’s based in fact.

  7. says

    Like some of you said, I don’t really agree with the “it’s all relative” and “Wilco is sometimes exceptional” ones, but I’m interested in memetics and the spread of internet cultural phenomena.

    So I linked to it anyway.