1. KiwiInOz says

    Sandra, it is a well known fact that they make you gay!! (I won’t link to that thread, being technologically illiterate, so you’ll have to do it the old way by scrolling back). Tofu is up there as well apparently (and if it isn’t, it should be).

  2. afterthought says

    “Soybeans? Why soybeans?”

    Some religious nutter says they make men gay, or something.

  3. says

    To think that we barely beat out soybeans. I mean, they’re evil, all right, but still, it’s a damned legume.

    I’m embarrassed.

  4. says

    Fun fact: the one above Thor says ‘Lutherans’.

    Yeah, non-God damn those Norwegians and their aggressive enunciations that top lists because they’re fun to say.

  5. shyster says

    I check this site daily just to see what you unrepentant atheist are up to and every now and then I even chime in. I don’t really care if you have your fun at the expense of “God,” or “god” in all of his many forms and iterations. I do care when you poke fun at the one and true.
    My family is Norwegian and if I am going to sign on to any silly folk myths I want my sky guy to be big, hairy, wear a helmet with horns and carry a hammer that brings THUNDER.
    Do I make fun of pirates?
    Let’s have a little respect for THOR.

  6. shyster says

    And that, McGrath, is why the Scots and the Irish have been under the thumb of their Brit masters for hundreds of years; you have no hairy god and make fun of those who do.

  7. says

    The very reason we bailed for Yorkshire: it still had potatoes and lots of hairy Gods, owing to very poor immigration control when the vikings called. That and a shortage of razors. Southern deities, on the other hand were very effete: they waxed.

  8. Dianne says

    Am I the only one who pictured a big, hairy guy with an axe sneaking up behind this guy, yelling “Odin” and giving him a crude corpus callosum bifurcation?

  9. shyster says

    Which guy, Dianne? Thor carried a hammer not an ax. He even had a cool name for his hammer: Mjoollnir (crusher). I think that the full official name translates to: snotty-scots-unbeliever-masher.

  10. Dr.Steve says

    OK all you alternative media trivia freaks, I have a shipping container full of unused “props” to the one who can first identify the source material for the following named hammers:

    Skull-pulper and Gizzard-stomper.

  11. Dianne says

    Uh, drat. It was a screwed up reference to this post. I was hoping that the Thorist debater in the cartoon would spread the good Thorist word.

  12. stogoe says

    I may have to remind the Scots and Anglish that it was the Dutch who finally civilised the savage isles (William III of Orange, King of Scotland, England, and Ireland).

    Go us!

  13. says

    Hairy greatness did come to Yorkshire: Charles Darwin fled here from Downe in 1859 after finishing the proofs of The Origin. He stayed at a hydropathic spa in Ilkley, and from there sent out the first editions of The Origin (including to Agassiz and Gray in America). His preferred quack spa was closed because the boss had been taken in adultery, and Darwin wanted to avoid the ruckus his book would cause. Ilkley was the back of beyond in 1859, is fairly high and the winter of 1859 was particularly severe. Poor sod, he must have been miserable.

    Now, you’d think there’s be a spectacular Darwin statue in Ilkley High Street, wouldn’t you, with a plaque proclaiming ‘From here was posted the first editions of the Origin Of Species, by Charles Darwin, the book that changed the world, established modern biology and put believers’ noses out of joint. Avilable from all good book shops.’ Or something like that. But they haven’t. We’re British, and we prefer celebs to scientists. Now look what I’ve done. Got myself all mithered.

    Bob: Boycott should be cloned for the national good. Beard or no.

    Stogoe: read your Bede. We didn’t need curly permed King Billy to civilise us (and I am a big fan of the Netherlands), BUT Billy did secure Britain as a Protestant rather than Catholic country. Science did rather better in Proddie rather than Catholic countries. The Anglican Church may have disapproved of Darwin, Rome might have done far worse. So, with a neat circularity, getting back to Darwin.

  14. Kseniya says

    Thor, Schmor. In the Ukraine we worship the gods Czernina and Horilka. Neither is hairy or carries a hammer or axe, but the latter in particular will put hair on your chest and has the potential to cleave your head in two, which is why I avoid it like the plague.

  15. Bob O'H says

    He stayed at a hydropathic spa in Ilkley,…

    Did he have a hat when he went there?

    For the confused: this is a reference to the Yorkshire national anthem, which is all about food chains.


  16. Pelican Jim says

    Dr. Steve –

    Congratulations! You have named the goats that drew Thor’s chariot! Yes, the ones that he could slaughter, cook, and eat in the evening, then bring to life the next morning ( so long as he had all of the bones and the skins).

    Gawd, this is fun stuff!

  17. Dr. Steve says

    Not what I was looking for.

    But I do like those goats. I understand that the word “Thor” roughly translates to “Really sick of eating goat”. And that Loki used to irk him by stealing his recipe book.

  18. dveej says

    Bob O’H at 2:04:

    Would that Yorkshire national anthem you write about be “Where Did You Get That Hat?” I’m searching the lyrics for references to food and/or chains…

  19. Ксения says

    My Dear Mr. Blackford,

    In a word: Feh. Not even the Mighty Thor can prevail in a prolonged contest with the great Horilka.

  20. Ксения says

    My Dear Mr. Blackford,

    In a word: Feh. Not even the Mighty Thor can prevail in a prolonged contest with the great Horilka.

  21. Tom Renbarger says

    Dawkins is a step in the right direction, but I think you forgot to put “evilutionists” on the board.

  22. Anton Mates says

    Thor carried a hammer not an ax. He even had a cool name for his hammer: Mjoollnir (crusher).

    Sure, but it paled in power next to his ultimate weapon: Hostess snack products.

  23. says

    Thor was worshipped acrooss most of Europe for thousands of years. His accouterments varied across that range. His symbol was somettimes a hammer, sometimes an axe, sometimes other things.

  24. Onigame says

    Re: #20

    Issue #27 of Cerebus the Aardvark — the weapons of Dirty Fleagle McGrew and his brother, Dirty Drew.