Here’s something else you can blame the atheists for

Global warming. It’s all our fault.


As the world becomes over run with sin more and more souls are sent to stoke the fires of Hell. As the Earth produces more heat our environment becomes more hostile. We must repent in order to stop our polar ice caps from melting.

At least the Muslims are to blame for the tsunamis.


  1. says

    What’s wrong with giving Pat Robertson ideas? If he actually blames the atheists for global warming, it’ll just make people hate him more.

  2. Millimeter Wave says


    by the way, what’s an “o-zone”? I presume that gets explained somewhere suitably also ;-)

  3. Keanus says

    Can we require that all evangelical churches, especially the mega variety, be built on sand dunes along the ocean front? (I’d suggest the Carolina Outerbanks or Cape Cod and the Massachusetts Islands, but we’d get complaints from too many liberals who wouldn’t want them as neighbors.) That way a few good noreasters and hurricanes might send them all to heaven, leaving the Earth a better place for the rest of us.

  4. Millimeter Wave says

    Oh, and yes, the Pat Robertson thing. I saw that one earlier, and I couldn’t help but think: what exactly does this guy have to say before his followers realize he’s a kook?

    They’re what? Oh… never mind.

  5. Mnemosyne says

    Personally, I preferred the whole George A. Romero theory that when Hell gets too full, all of the recently dead will come back to life and devour the living.

    Hey, it makes just as much sense. Probably more.

  6. MJ Memphis says

    An “O-Zone” is a Moldovan boy band, most famous for their song “Dragostea din Tei”, better known in the US as “the Numa Numa song”. I’m not sure what they have to do with global warming, but I can’t say I’m really surprised that they are involved somehow.

  7. G. Tingey says

    No, no, no NO

    The “O-zone” is where all sorts of naughty O-type things happen…
    Like “L’ histoire d’O” ….

    And other unchristian Oral activities …….

  8. says

    But…surely this will convince them of an old earth, at least? I mean, eternity–that’s one hell of a radioactive half-life.

  9. says

    And other unchristian Oral activities …….
    Posted by: G. Tingey

    Osteopathy? Onanism? Orgasm?

    My last name begins with O. Hmm. This explains a great deal, alla sudden-like.

  10. Barney says

    ‘Fess up, PZ, you only found that because of the post on that blog titled “Tentacle Porn”, didn’t you? (Yes, it does contain nudity, so I’m not sure if I should give a direct link here).

  11. Kyra says

    “Muslim land mass attracts God’s wrath?”

    and here I didn’t even know land masses were religious.

  12. Kyra says

    “by the way, what’s an ‘o-zone’?”

    It’s this layer of atmosphere generally found between the n-zone and the p-zone.

  13. Scott Hatfield says

    G. Tingey, Warren:

    If memory serves, there was supposed to be a sequel (L’Histoire d’P’), wherein the handcuffs were exchanged for Depends undergarments. Which seems appropriate, given that (contra the illustration above), everyone knows that tsunamis are just a form of incontinental drift.

    Speaking of handcuffs and diapers, any word on how Dr. Hovind’s holding up?….SH