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    I think the three octopodes on the line are just catchin’ some rays. Man. Admiring the view and such. Like bird on a telephone wire.

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    I love that lamp in the first picture.

    And now I want an octo-cat for a pet, too. Surely, there’s a creationist somewhere researching that particular hybrid?

  3. SEF says

    Just (under?) a week to cephalopodmas now. I thought it might be useful to have some repeating cephalopod patterns for paper, fabric or computer screen backdrops and website pages. An octopod was the easiest to do with my existing software. So I made a few sizes in basic pale (for black lettering on top) and dark (for white lettering) shades of grey. Though anyone with suitable software can re-tint them however they want.

    The names are coded W, for whiter shades of pale and K, for inky blacK (with B already being taken for blue!) and pixel sizes of 48, 64, 72, 80 and 96. Eg:

    I also uploaded a basic black and white line version in case anyone really does want to try and print some octopod paper or mess with the design themselves. It’s only 300 pixels each way, but that’s very large on-screen while being ridiculously small on most modern printer resolutions:

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    Has anyone read the description that accompanies the squid drive?

    Regional cooperation of labor and academic collaboration series 1st feature….

    The latest announcement commodity is the USB memory which builds in the high-speed high density memory device of capacity 512MB. It is the distinctiveness taste where appearance design adapts to the Japanese and is deep, is the special product of Toyama prefecture “the [ho] barrel it was and?” reproduced form. It fishes with the lure prototype teacher and it is the worldwide first unique USB memory commodity which you design and design the Maruyama flat person who is the person (TAPP Craft) with with collaboration.

    and so on. It’s a little hard to understand but ‘way better than my Japanese.

  6. Xanthir, FCD says

    Anyone who happens to be browsing this, DON’T pass up that lineart work by SEF. It’s surprisingly beautiful tiled across my desktop!