The tentacles were hung by the chimney with care


As we sober academics are fond of saying, “Squeeee!”

Now I can get my own Cephalopodmas tentacle loaded with chthonic Cephalopodmas carols. I’m definitely putting this on my Cephalopodmas list.


  1. Berlie says

    Wouldn’t that be Cephallic?

    Although, I’m kind of disappointed in your lack of imagination, PZ. A tentacle from Architeuthis Dux could hold much more. ;-)


  2. DrSteve says

    Do you have a favorite Cephalopodmas Carrol?

    My favorites:

    1) I’m Dreaming of an Ink-black Cephalopodmas
    2) Santa Squid is Coming to Town
    3) O Cephalopod
    4) Cthulhu: Chef of Man’s Deep Fryer-ing

  3. says

    Positively phallic, if you look at it one way…
    Posted by: JohnnieCanuck

    Wow — if you can’t tell the difference between a tentacle and a phallus, all I can say is you’d better avoid Gay Pride Day in R’Lyeh.

  4. says

    I showed that stocking pic to my kid and she was rather unimpressed. I have yet to convert the child to a worshipper of the Cephalopods. I am a terrible parent.

  5. says

    “Squidmas” is so much easier to pronounce.

    And then you can sing, “It’s beginning to look a lot like Squidmas / Tentacles in every store / But the Squiddiest sight to see is the nautiloid that will be / On your own front door.”

  6. says

    Maybe I just have no ear for music, but those carolers don’t sound half bad. So squee indeed. I think I need to get me that set as well.

  7. Cat Faber says

    Thank you for pointing this out. His very own Solstice Tentacle; my husband will be so thrilled.