Not that the godly can’t share our opinion of those two things, of course

Julia Sweeney has audio samples from her new CD online—and gosh, she seems to have the same opinions of Intelligent Design and Deepak Chopra that I do! It must be something correlated with godlessness…like brains.

(Thanks to Hank Fox)


  1. Mnemosyne says

    I think that Michael Shermer fell in love with Julia Sweeney the day he found out that she read “The Origin of Species.” Unabridged.

  2. J Daley says

    Speaking of brains and godlessness, Richard Dawkins will be on C-SPAN 2 today, Nov 12 at 7pm. If it’s the same program I saw yesterday, he’ll be reading from The God Delusion at Randolph-Macon Women’s College in Virgina and defending his position with his trademark icy wit and thoroughly enjoyable pomposity (I mean that in the best possible way) against a slew of students from nearby Liberty College who think they’re somehow trapping him intellectually with such gems of idocy as, “How can you believe in extra-terrestrial intelligence and not god?” or, “Do you draw a disctinction between blind faith and reasonable faith?” Not to be missed; Dawkins is in wonderful form.

  3. J. J. Ramsey says

    Sweeney pointed out that in squid, the nerves and blood vessels to the eye are behind the retina rather than in front of it as it is in humans. So, as she put it, either God didn’t design the eye, or God is a poor designer, or God likes squid better than humans. I’m sure that if you weren’t an atheist, you might consider that last possibility. :p

  4. dale says

    I have not seen this funny girl until now.
    My son (16) and two friends were here and they thought julia was a hoot! thanks. I totally appreciate you site.

  5. JamesR says

    Good stuff, Thanks PZ
    I’ll second that on Dawkins. I especially liked the part at the end where he tells the Lberty U students (paraphrased) that if they want a good education they should “Leave and go to a proper University” 7 PM EST 4Pm PST Booktv on C-span 2

  6. plunge says

    The tragedy is that most people only know her from “It’s Pat” Her standup and other stuff is great Bill Hicksian stuff.

  7. mndean says

    Yes hoody, we must all bow down to some fictional sky daddy or be…what, insulted by YOU? Really, as if saying man was created in god’s image wasn’t arrogance personified.

  8. Tukla in Iowa says

    Hoody, you think that the omnipotent being that created this vast universe is intimately concerned with what you do with your penis, but we’re arrogant?

  9. Tyler DiPietro says

    It seems hoody is Jason 2.0 around these parts. Some idiot with a blog and nothing better to do than drop one liners in comment threads and ramble incoherently on his blog about how PZ is such a big fucking bigot. *Yawn*

  10. says

    She is great. I loved the bit she did on NPR, This American Life, and have been thinking of getting her DVD.

    But now I definitly need to grab up this CD, and the Dawkins’ DVD that seesm to be finally available in the US.

  11. thwaite says

    Another musician of interest is Jenny Lewis : “God references on [her recent] CD ‘Rabbit Fur Coat’ come in songs including “Born Secular,” “Rise Up with Fists!!” and “The Charging Sky.” “

  12. Don Pope says


    Did you listen to the recordings before posting?
    To quote Julia Sweeney: “Deepak Chopra is full of shit”.