Getting in the mood to VOTE!

Put a little Streisand on the CD player, and then visit Sadly, No! for some pictorial motivation to get out and vote for the right people tomorrow. It’s inspiring!


  1. afterthought says

    Yes to Sadly, No! as there are some pictures we should never forget. I’m not a big Streisand fan, but I can relate anyway.
    Liz Phair for me.

  2. craig says

    Just got back from the grocery store. The cashier was bouncing off the wall with energy and all antsy (more so than she usually is). Really manic. I asked her what was up and she said “I just can’t wait for tomorrow! I’m so excited.”
    She whispered “I’m a Democrat.”

    This is Florida. You have to whisper that here.

  3. plunge says

    I’ve been in PA-08 for the final stretch. I hate polls and predictions, but let me just say that if nothing else, having the state of Ohio elect not just one statewide Democrat for the first time since John Glenn retired, but what’s looking like a complete SWEEP of the state, is just fantastic.

    Likewise, we may be on the cusp of having no more Santorum.

    And if we’re lucky, no more George Allen either.

    I do hope we take back the House, and I do hope that Wetterling wins, but if she doesn’t despite any Democratic wave in general, I get to say I told you so, okay?

    Goodnight folks. Let’s hope America can make it a good evening tommorow night.

  4. anomalous4 says

    I almost cried. Now all we have to do is get through one more day, and hopefully we can wake up on Wednesday morning and leave some of those bad dreams behind…………

    Just the usual 2 brass farthings’ worth from a Godly Liberal (yes, there are more of us out here than you might think!)

  5. Loren Petrich says

    I already voted by mail; I voted yellow-dog Democrat.

    I’m still worried that the Republicans will steal the election, however. Judging from the polls over at — it takes changing from Democrat to Republican only 1% of the Senate vote and 3% of the House vote to do it. Alternatively, that could be done by suppressing the Democratic vote: 2% for the Senate and 6% for the House.

  6. G. Tingey says

    What makes anyone think, that even if among the minority who actually VOTE, a majority vote “Dem” that any difference will be made?
    After all, you’ve got all these nice new controlled snazzy voting machines, which can be garuanteed to give the “right” result……

    Herer, we still use paper and “X’s” – and it is much more reliable.

  7. says

    Here’s a comment from political analyst Thomas Mann – er, didn’t he write The Magic Mountain? – of the Brookings Institution quoted in The Guardian:

    There is no precedent in American history in these conditions for the party of government not to get a shellacking. It would raise questions over the capacity for democratic accountability of the American system.

    I’m afraid that for many people in Britain and the rest of Europe, these questions raised their ugly heads in 2004. If the Democrats fail to take both the Senate and the House tomorrow, we will have our answer.

    Whether it happened because of a supine US media, or tactical errors by the Democrats, or poor choice offered by a two-party system, or simply out-and-out electoral fraud, wouldn’t matter. Most Europeans already regard the USA with suspicion, and find it hard to believe that a well-informed person would vote for the Republicans’ disastrous foreign policy, let alone their disdain for science, the environment, due legal process, reproductive and gay rights, church-state separation…

    In summary:


  8. G. Tingey says

    But, with people being “accidentally” removed from voters lists, and probably-rigged voting machines –

  9. says

    G. Tingey:

    Have you read this article at Common Dreams? Depressing stuff from a J.D. and former election monitor.

    – Oh, yes, and the other advantage of the paper ballot is that if you can’t bring yourself to support any of the candidates, you can write or draw something witty (or rude) on it. Admittedly it is officially classed as a spoiled ballot, but you’ll give the monitors and counters a laugh! Bet you can’t do that with a late-model Diebold, huh?

  10. Caledonian says

    If the criminals come out on top again, here is why: electronic voting.

    Yeah, that’s it. It can’t possibly be because half of Americans actually like the criminals.

  11. T_U_T says

    Yeah, that’s it. It can’t possibly be because half of Americans actually like the criminals.

    Does bernarda conclude that the elections are rigged, because she can not have true that more than half of americans like those nutjobs, or do you conclude that more than half of americans vote them because you can not have true that the elections could be rigged ?

  12. says

    I have concluded that either Diebold is utterly incompetent or incredibly malicious. This is not to say they deliberately stole the election as in gave votes to candidates that did not earn them. Rather, I would think that there is a possibility that they would work to discourage voting by making it look futile by making lousy machines.

    That said – vote, my American colleagues.

  13. bernarda says

    Of course neither of these wingnuts has anything to say about the issue. A wingnut who knew his bottom orifice from a hole in the ground would be a real find.

  14. Nix says

    Keith, you’re being insufficiently cynical.

    Diebold are *both* utterly incompetent *and* incredibly malicious. (I’m just hoping that their malign attributes will cancel each other out to some extent. It’d be mildly amusing if some Republicans got negative numbers of votes this time around, because their vote-rigging software is as badly written as everything else in their crappy voting machines.)