1. says

    Nice interview! I particularly found this segment indicative of my own position:

    “Personally, I’m like Dawkins, and I don’t understand them myself. Science erodes faith-it sets up values that directly oppose the expectations of religion. I can’t imagine being so committed to a superstition that I’d voluntarily shut down my critical faculties rather than analyze the evidence with a skeptical scientific eye.”

    And I wish that some religious people could see that science is not actively trying to destroy religion, but opening our eyes to how the world actually works so that people can more deeply question their faith and see if it is still valid. If their faith comes out stronger from it – Huzzah for them! (Although I personally find that unlikely.)

    Suppressing science so that other people won’t question THEIR faith is where the danger of religion lay; and doesn’t serve religion or science very well.

  2. Dave Hone says

    Tenuous link alert: PZ while you are on the self=promotion gig, can you send me your biography to add the the Q & A site?

    Sorry to bug you in the comments, but it will probably reach you fater than through your ever-full inbox!


    PS Good interview too.

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    Your interviews are very good. I’d love to see more depth. I guess the burden of achieving that is the task of the person asking the questions.