1. Son Of Slam says

    The sad part is that, off the top of my head, I can name the turtle, and two of the elephants.

  2. Hans says

    I thought it was “turtles all the way down,” or am I confusing this with another story?

  3. Molly, NYC says

    Little Known Fact: You don’t actually have to get married to have cake. Not even tortoise-shaped cake. Or tiered.

    If more people knew this, the divorce rate would go down.

  4. says

    Hans – you are confusing it with an anecdote. The Discworld rests on four elephants on the back of the Great A’Tuin, who rests on nothing – she swims through space.

  5. jackd says

    Never mind the geek factor – that cake is beautiful, just as a model. That it’s edible is either amazingly wonderful or criminal, depending on how you feel about the ephemeralness of art, I guess.

  6. says

    Very, very cool. You know, that cake at the U of M for Darwin Day needed some oomph–this gave me an idea for a Galapagos cake, in the shape of one of the islands, with turtles and birds. But it would definitely have to be edible. Just use lots of marzipan.