1. G. Tingey says

    Hmmm – I might have a go at the Rana temporaria in my greenhouse, or the Newts, when they come back next spring.

  2. ColinB says

    Wow, is that ever cool. That is just screaming out for a nice bit of timelapse video, although I fear that would loose the astounding clarity.

    OTOH – digital SLRs these days could most likely be rigged to do timelapse…

  3. James says

    It’s a shame kids today (hey I’m not that old – but read on) don’t get to see this stuff.

    When I was young back in the 60’s we used to net the “taddies” from the ponds around where I used to live. We’d then take them back home and let them spawn in buckets and 20 litre drums in the backyard. A few weeks later – frogs everywhere.

    Unfortunately, my kids (who’d love this stuff) can’t experience it because the ponds are drained and amphibians are no longer as common.