1. minimalist says

    I’m afraid I haven’t heard that anecdote. Did Dubya break wind in the palaces of the mighty… literally?

  2. George says

    Maybe he could just fart his way through the next press conference cum worship-me service.

    Reporter: Mr. President, what did Saddam have to do with 9/11?

    Bush: Prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt. Heh heh heh! Prrrrt. Prrrrt. Prrrrt. Next question.

    It would have about the same value.

  3. says

    Along George’s suggestion, if some reporter drew an analogy between global warming and human CO2 emissions, and George Bush farting in a car with the windows up and then saying, “Wasn’t me,” would chimpy finally get it?

  4. George says

    Time for Dr. Tim Johnson to do a segment on that ABC good morning t.v. show:

    What is a fart and why does it smell?

    Does the President’s farting pose a health risk?

    Give it to us, Dr. Tim!

  5. QrazyQat says

    Did Dubya break wind in the palaces of the mighty… literally?

    The latest “Bush is just a regular guy” piece came out a few days ago and backfired — if you’ll pardon the mental picture that brings forth — as it pointed out that Bush not only likes fart jokes, but deliberately farts in front of new aides. Way to bring back that honor and dignity to the WH.

    Digby pointed out this morning that a less reamrked but also significant part of this piece was the statement that Bush is “is paranoid around women, always worried about his behavior.”

  6. Stephen Erickson says

    W’s liking fart jokes and pull-my-finger is one his few redeeming qualities.

  7. Colby says

    Very fitting acronym for that idiot.

    P(President)O(of)T(the)U(United)S(States) for the very few of you that don’t know the acronym. Pootus fits so much better.