1. Stephen Murphy says

    Dibs on Seven of Nine for my education and assimilation
    (sorry… been watching clips of the Shatner roast… must go get a life now…)

  2. Ian H Spedding says

    John Wilkins wrote:

    We are Borg. You will be educated…

    …and those returning to the Hive will become Bjorn-again Borg.

  3. bernarda says

    As I posted at “Thoughts from Kansas”, one of the news articles has an interesting quote.

    The article cited gives this quote,

    “We’re not teaching that water boils at a different temperature, or that the periodic table of elements doesn’t have some of (the elements),” he says.”

    But in fact that is exactly what they are doing in relation to biology and evolution.

  4. quork says

    When I get around to starting a blog, I will call it the. It will dominate the search engines. I will make Science Blogs pay through the nose every time the title of my blog gets mentioned.

    That’s four mentions just in this post.