Shameless self-promotion

As Shelley says, if we aim to make this place the place for the biggest conversation about science, we can’t be shy. Scienceblogs has cracked the Technorati Top 100, and we’re aiming higher, so it would be nice to get more links to that page. Pharyngula isn’t on the Top 100, but I figure all the squid pics will eventually allow me to destroy Cute Overload (oh, wait, nooooo…that’s another link contributing to the dominion of cute furry immature felines!).

Technorati also keeps a list of the Top 100 Favorited Blogs, so you can help us out there, too, by adding Pharyngula to your Technorati Favorites or
adding Scienceblogs to your Technorati Favorites, if you happen to have a technorati account.

As a special bonus, I’ll be programming my undead cyborg squid-human hybrids to avoid eating the brains of anyone with Pharyngula in their technorati favorites.


  1. says

    I’ve added you as a Technorati favorite, but in return can’t you do just a little better than getting your monsters to avoid eating my brain (what little is left)?

  2. Dawn says

    Ummm…PZ, for those non-bloggers of us out there who read you daily and have you bookmarked as a favorite, can we avoid having our brains eaten somehow? I need all the brains I can keep, with two teenagers in the house.

  3. rrt says

    Oh, I SO would like to see the Pharynguloid Squid Army meet the CuteOverloadian Kitten Korps on the field of battle!

  4. says

    Well, OK. I’ll instruct the zombie squid men to inspect scalps for your official secularhumanistatheistagnostic tattoo (you’ve all got one, right?) and not eat those people, either.

  5. TheBrummell says

    Wait, I thought the goal was to be eaten first, not last. The whole instantly-driven-insane thing?

  6. jeffk says

    As long as we’re doing shameless self-promotion, I decided to do an experiment and see what it’s like to be the lone Christian or two that tries to take the minions of Pharyngula on. I headed over to a right-wing mn blog where they’re using one misinterpreted paper as a basis for not buying global warming (sound familiar?). Feel free to help me out.

  7. hank says

    PZ, I’ve read the studies on how plankton react to increased ocean acidity (at the level predicted by 2100, when aragonite will be dissolving in shallow waters.

    How will the cuttlefish do, do you have any idea? I suppose in the early stage they’re zooplankton, but I don’t know much else. Nor do I know what the beak and cuttlebone are made of.

  8. says

    [U]ndead cyborg squid-human hybrids…

    Yeah, right. How stupid do you think we are, PZ? Jesus would never allow such an abomination to exist.

    (Just to be on the safe side I added Scienceblogs to my Technorati favorites. I still believe in you, Jesus, but there’s nothing wrong with hedging my bets, right?)

  9. Scott Hatfield says

    You don’t scare me. My undying android creationist-squirrel half-breeds will make quick work of your zombified cephalopod minions. Who are you trying to kid? I lived in the Seventies, you know, and I’ve seen every episode of the Six Million Dollar Squid.


  10. Christensen says

    A great place to talk about science? Seems like a lot of anti relgious bile in large part, going beyond anything science has to say.
    Sure, discuss it, but don’t pretend you are discussing “science”.

  11. Steve LaBonne says

    I have no problem with discussing sceince and the stupidity of religion in the same place. Especially since they’re by no means unrelated subjects.

  12. Barry says

    “But what if we have long hair? How will they see it? (pout)”

    Posted by: Carlie

    No prob – the SZCHH plucks your hair, and checks your scalp. If you’ve got the tattoo, it will return your hair, along with some crazy glue for reattachment, mumble ‘sorry’, and shamble away.

  13. Scott Hatfield says

    Christensen: You know, I happen to be a believer as well and I hope you’ll get this message and think about it. Pharyngula really is a science blog. There’s some wonderful stuff here, just pure science. That’s one reason why I frequent it.

    There’s also a lot of skepticism, some of it directed at religion, much of it colorfully expressed. And you know what? There’s no rule that says that you can’t have both, or that somehow a ‘science blog’ is supposed to avoid the topic of religion. Steve LeBonne (above post) has torched me a few times, but I think his observation has merit: science as practiced challenges believers, and that’s entirely appropriate. To put it another way, I think many believers, especially Christians, think that their views are somehow privileged, off the table, not open for discussion.

    That’s simply not true. When you cry ‘foul’ about how things play out on this blog, you’re appealing to limits and/or a sense of entitlement which doesn’t apply here. And your complaint marks you as one that most people here feel no obligation to take seriously. I’m just another guy here, so what I say carries no weight, but really if you want your comments to be thought weighty, you have to abandon the idea that religion is ‘off-limits’. This market of ideas deals in meat, not milk. If you can’t take the heat….well….you know the rest.

    Respectfully submitted,


  14. Caledonian says

    science as practiced challenges believers

    No, science as practiced demonstrates that religious believers are credulous, irrational fools.

  15. Scott Hatfield says

    Your honor, I offer you Caledonian’s latest post as Exhibit A.

    I wonder, sir, if you’re familiar with the song ‘Caledonia Mission’ by the Band? Some of the lyrics seem strangely apposite:

    “You know I do believe in your hexagram
    But can you tell me how they all knew the plan?
    Did you trip or slip on their gifts you know were just a con?
    You knew it, why d’you do it, I’ve been hiding in the dawn

    Now I must be on my way
    I guess you really have to stay
    Inside the mission walls
    Down in Modark, Arkansas”

    I wonder, especially, if this applies more to you or to me.


  16. says

    PZ: Can I borrow a few of your undead cyborg squid-human hybrids? I have some people I’d like them to eat for me.

    Iä! Iä! Pharyngula!