Friday time-waster

John Lynch doesn’t have a Friday tradition of his own, so he’s trying to start one with a free association game…I’ll join in.

My answers are below the fold. They’re mostly predictable, I think.


  1. Xanthir says

    Video :: games
    Fantasy :: final
    Homework :: death
    Crush :: lake (???)
    Late :: night
    Husband :: find (??? – I’m a married man!)
    Soccer :: daily
    Wine :: before dinner
    Before :: the night
    Romantic :: dinner


  2. says

    * Video :: Radio
    * Fantasy :: Adult
    * Homework :: Spaz
    * Crush :: Orange
    * Late :: Home
    * Husband :: Daughter
    * Soccer :: Football
    * Wine :: Cheese
    * Before :: After
    * Romantic :: Interlude

  3. quork says

    Fantasy :: A four-letter word I won’t repeat…you can figure it out.

    Ooh, this one is tougher than it seems.
    “Creationism” is more than 4 letters.
    “Astrology” is more than 4 letters.
    “Intelligent Design” is more than 4 letters, and “ID” is too few.
    “God” is only 3 letters.
    “Squid” is more than 4 letters, ditto for “Cephalopod”.

    May I buy a vowel?

  4. redstripe says

    Wine::Pinot Noir

    Ugh. Even my subconscious is boring. Can’t figure out what “final” means–I guess it’s a game (maybe even a movie?), but I’ve never played it and, as far as I know, nobody I know plays it. Funny that PZ and I got late periods though.

  5. George says

    Video :: dating
    Fantasy :: football
    Homework :: ugh!
    Crush :: date
    Late :: night
    Husband :: father
    Soccer :: mom
    Wine :: beer
    Before :: after
    Romantic :: attachment

    Okay, what now?

  6. says

    Video :: Porn
    Fantasy :: Porn
    Homework :: Porn
    Crush :: Porn
    Late :: Porn
    Husband :: Porn
    Soccer :: Porn
    Wine :: Porn
    Before :: Porn
    Romantic :: Porn

    Oh. Uh… is that a problem?

  7. Frank Sullivan says

    I thought yours would be a bit more like this:

    * Video :: Squid
    * Fantasy :: Squid
    * Homework :: Squid
    * Crush :: Squid
    * Late :: Squid
    * Husband :: Squid
    * Soccer :: Squid
    * Wine :: Squid
    * Before :: Squid
    * Romantic :: Squid

  8. says

    Video :: game
    Fantasy :: life
    Homework :: time
    Crush :: awkwardness
    Late :: night
    Husband :: ring
    Soccer :: hot men
    Wine :: bitter
    Before :: after
    Romantic :: date

  9. FhnuZoag says

    Man, I’m tempted to associate the words with each other. There’s definitely some sort of story there.

  10. Carlie says

    * Video :: killed the radio star
    * Fantasy :: football
    * Homework :: is good for you!
    * Crush :: a specific name from my youth that I refuse to divulge, ever
    * Late :: is bad
    * Husband :: stress
    * Soccer :: kids
    * Wine :: relaxation
    * Before :: the fall
    * Romantic :: …what’s that?

  11. Tim says

    # Video ::Action
    # Fantasy ::Novel
    # Homework ::Garbage
    # Crush ::My Brain
    # Late ::To the party
    # Husband ::dry (ie husbandry)
    # Soccer ::fuckup (ie that headbutt thing)
    # Wine ::dictator (ie I have no clue)
    # Before ::me (ie some kind of narcissm
    # Romantic ::novel

  12. Castaa says

    * Video :: Game
    * Fantasy :: Final
    * Homework :: Pencil
    * Crush :: Alicia Silverstone
    * Late :: Show
    * Husband :: Wife
    * Soccer :: Ball
    * Wine :: Glass
    * Before :: After
    * Romantic :: Love

  13. tristan heydt says

    Video :: Booth
    Fantasy :: Talk
    Homework :: Time
    Crush :: Depth
    Late :: Night
    Husband :: Farm
    Soccer :: Star
    Wine :: Bar
    Before :: Now
    Romantic :: Evening

  14. MYOB says

    Video :: Camera
    Fantasy :: ‘Life is Just a Fantasy’ by Aldo Nova
    Homework :: Freshmen algebra(the bitch!)
    Crush :: Orange
    Late :: Highway traffic

    Husband :: Soccer moms in a minivan sitting in the parking lot at the park where their kids are practicing.

    Soccer :: Football
    Wine :: Yoohoo’s
    Before :: The Sting(I don’t know why but the movie popped into my head.)

    Romantic :: Romancing the stone(movies are my thing today)

    I guess that’s it.


  15. the amazing kim says

    Even my subconscious is boring. Can’t figure out what “final” means–I guess it’s a game (maybe even a movie?), but I’ve never played it and, as far as I know, nobody I know plays it.
    You’re thinking of Final Fantasy, the video game and really bad movie. The film was the the first to try make realisitic CGI people. It didn’t work.

  16. dc says

    Video :: tv
    Fantasy :: novel
    Homework :: boring
    Crush :: soda
    Late :: latte
    Husband :: wife
    Soccer :: football
    Wine :: pageant
    Before :: after
    Romantic :: drivel

  17. Ichthyic says

    Fantasy fish?


    not from where i sit, er swim…

    have you embraced your inner fish today?

  18. Masaro says

    * Video :: Beta tapes
    * Fantasy :: Sleep
    * Homework :: Too much
    * Crush :: Soda (the orange kind)
    * Late :: Nights
    * Husband :: Why?
    * Soccer :: Ball
    * Wine :: Pregnant O,o
    * Before :: After
    * Romantic :: Cake

  19. bernarda says

    video:: audio
    fantasy:: good retirement
    homework:: delay
    orange:: crush
    late:: night
    husband:: jailer
    soccer:: boring
    wine:: bordeaux
    before:: during
    romantic:: sam cooke

  20. Azkyroth says

    Video :: Cutscene
    Fantasy :: Genre
    Homework :: Neglected
    Crush :: …ing Damage
    Late :: Arkalian mod
    Husband :: Occupied
    Soccer :: What?
    Wine :: Analogy
    Before :: Backstory
    Romantic :: Lovetalk variable

  21. says

    # Video :: pixels
    # Fantasy :: sleeping
    # Homework :: I miss grad school …
    # Crush :: Kill! Destroy! (garden pest insects)
    # Late :: bedtime
    # Husband :: hearing aides
    # Soccer :: Murderball (I know that’s rugby; brain on random)
    # Wine :: cheese fondue
    # Before :: antecedant
    # Romantic :: walks

  22. Togusa says

    Even my subconscious is boring. Can’t figure out what “final” means–I guess it’s a game (maybe even a movie?), but I’ve never played it and, as far as I know, nobody I know plays it.

    You’re thinking of Final Fantasy, the video game

    Video game series, actually. There have been 12 different games released under the Final Fantasy banner (not counting spin-offs and side stories), with a 13th currently in development. And it’s one of the most popular series in video game history.

    and really bad movie.

    That would be Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within.

    The film was the the first to try make realisitic CGI people. It didn’t work.

    Mainly because it had no connection to any of the then-previous or -current Final Fantasy games, aside from the title. (The CGI work, OTOH, was almost universally acclaimed.)

    A later Final Fantasy CGI film, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, was better received, primarily because it was based on the most popular installment of the game series, Final Fantasy VII on the Sony PlayStation.

  23. Moon Dragon says

    # Video :: Rangers
    # Fantasy :: & Science Fiction
    # Homework :: Dog ate it
    # Crush :: the lefe from these succkers
    # Late :: fee
    # Husband :: dry
    # Soccer :: balls
    # Wine :: and cheese
    # Before :: I kill again
    # Romantic :: period in art and literature

  24. Louis says

    Video :: That one with the three young ladies who are obviously too hot and needed to shed some clothing, and also appear to be trying to take a sausage of a young gentleman.
    Fantasy :: See above
    Homework :: balance (home work balance, as in work/life balance, i.e. too much work and not enough….see above)
    Crush :: some bananas, add a little muscavado sugar and caramalise in a touch of butter, add dark rum to chef, ignore pan, start fire, apologise.
    Late :: Regularly, mainly due to….see above
    Husband :: No thank you I’m heterosexual, see above.
    Soccer :: No thank you I’m heterosexual, see above. And I play rugby, not kiss chase for hairdressers and overpaid chavs thank you very much.
    Wine :: I’ll have a 1948 Petrus please, heavy on the gin.
    Before :: I then have a pint of creme de menthe please barman.
    Romantic :: I love you, no no it’s not just ‘cos I’m drunk, no I really love you, honest. Fancy a shag?

    Hmmmmm I’m concerned.

  25. says

    Kittens? Kittens?!?

    Video :: Loserdisc (thanks go to my husband for this association)
    Fantasy :: Island
    Homework :: that reading my students would rather kill themselves than do
    Crush :: Boston marriage (Yeah, I’m a nineteenth-century women’s history person. So sue me.)
    Late :: papers
    Husband :: Sweetie
    Soccer :: Mom
    Wine :: grading papers
    Before :: Christ, er, Common Era
    Romantic :: Shelley

  26. Larry B says

    Kitten? Hopefully nothing involving octopi here…

    Video :: Game
    Fantasy :: Game
    Homework :: Drudgery
    Crush :: Swoon
    Late :: Early
    Husband :: Wife
    Soccer :: Mom
    Wine :: Bar
    Before :: After
    Romantic :: Comedy

  27. Molly says

    Video :: drome
    Fantasy :: echo (as a kid I thought “fin de siècle” was “fantasy echo”)
    Homework :: no
    Crush :: fetish
    Late :: coffee
    Husband :: animal (animal husbandry)
    Soccer :: clathrin (soccer balls look sort of like clathrin-coated vesicles)
    Wine :: cru
    Before :: sunset
    Romantic :: Chopin

    If I am not precisely un-boring, at least my associations aren’t oft-repeated above…

  28. Aussiesmurf says

    Video :: Game
    Fantasy :: Dream
    Homework :: Late
    Crush :: Flatten
    Late :: Work
    Husband :: Plan
    Soccer :: Football
    Wine :: Red
    Before :: After
    Romantic :: New