Change of plans

We cripples have to watch ourselves, so while I’d originally planned to spend my last day in NY at the big ol’ Bronx Zoo, we’ve scaled back a lot: I’m going to be at the Central Park zoo around noon. Short walks, no strain, that’s my policy right now.

Last night I did get to accomplish at least part of the actual purpose of my mission here: I got to meet some of the Seed Corporate Overlords. It was very disillusioning, though, and I’m going to have to come up with a better name for them—they lack the corporate dronishness and aren’t very overlordy. They’re a bunch of science nerds! It’s like the high school A/V club, the student newspaper, the chess club, and the model rocketry club all made an unholy alliance and discovered that they could make money and change the world. OK, and also get a nicer wardrobe and good grooming habits, but still…dweebish hearts are beating in the offices of Seed Media.


  1. says

    “Dweebish overlords”? Hmmm. Perhaps I’ve delayed too long hopping a train to NYC to check out the mothership. I’ll have to do it this summer. Sadly, it’ll have to wait until July, as I have to review a bunch of NIH grants, finish up a final report for my Army grant, AND resubmit a paper. I do see a light at the end of the tunnel towards the end of this month, though…

  2. Rey Fox says

    If they really are such nerds, then someone ought to tell them about the “No Nerds Needed” Vonage ads running on the sidebar. Seems to me that they may be hurting Nerdkind economically.

  3. Jason W says

    I’ve found that most touristy sorts of places (museums, aquariums, etc) tend to have reasonable wheelchair rentals available. I’ve got a bad hip that keeps me from doing a lot of walking and standing at one time, so such rental options are wonderful for me. Just have to learn how to move yourself around or have someone willing to push.

  4. says

    Hey, PZ. I hope you had fun in my hometown. Did you see the Red Panda at the Central Park Zoo? My favorite!

  5. says

    Rascal, smashcal.

    You need a Segway, pz.

    Far, far cooler than a rascal. Works better indoors. Perfect for that bridge between indoor and outdoor, and perfect for the time in your life where you’re ACTIVE, just having some problems with getting around.

    Check out these people, using the Segway for a mobility aid!