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    “The prophecy states that you will have to receive a mark on your hand or in your forehead.”

    Yes, but when we say the prophesy is being fulfilled, we’ll overlook the inconvenient details.

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    Its not just the 666 nuts that are opposed to things like that. Check out the latest issue of 2600 magazine for example. The hacker crowd they cater to don’t like that stuff either.

  3. Ken says

    Please note that the source of the illustration is not a crazed wingnut site but is which is a British site campaigning against the current UK government’s plans to register all UK citizens in a mighty database for no obvious reason. They do not oppose this scheme on theological grounds.

  4. PaulC says

    I love the way they (I’m including UPC 666-code conspiracy theorists) always omit that the mark is supposed to go on your right hand or forehead. It’s not like this is a minor detail.

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    My ex-boyfriend, when he got religion (again) just before he finally lost me, went on and on about those biochips, and this was in the 1980s. Some people also freaked out about produce scanners and ISBN numbers–I am not kidding.

    I think this is an opportunity. We need to “teach the relationship” between I.D. and a national ID. We can recycle some of those look-at-our-dollar-bill arguments. (The cover of the Wedge Document shows a pyramid! And why do they call it I.D.?) Okay, maybe not so good. Just a thought.

  6. CL says

    Geez. I mean, there are plenty of good reasons to be against a national ID program, and the nutty fundies come along and tar everyone.

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    I got flipped off by a guy in a truck the other day with a sticker on his car. I assume it was in reference to my FSM symbol and “ID is junk science sticker”.

    That site is really the focus and conglomeration of some of the countries most entertaining (scasry) A-1 nutjobs. This doesn’t surprise me that it comes from there.

  8. says

    The site (whose T-shirt you show) is a British site campaigning against the national ID card scheme proposed by Tony Blair. It is a largely left-wing pressure group and not at all a religious one. Disagree with them all you like, but don’t confuse them with fundies.

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    “There is a prophecy in the Bible that foretells a time when every person will be required to have a mark or a number, without which he or she will not be able to participate in the economy,” states the Christian website

    Doesn’t the SSN already fit that description?

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    Darn, Silly snail beat me to it!

    (and sorry for the comment in the post above…all the Typekey registering got me off track).

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    I don’t understand at all why the Christians would be AGAINST such a thing. Don’t they WANT the end of the world to come ASAP? Isn’t every fulfillment of Revelations a GOOD thing? Doesn’t it mean they all get sucked off the planet to be with Jesus soon?

  12. says

    Dr. Dave beat me to it…
    W seems intent on fulfilling the biblical conditions in the middle east, assured that he, a mass-murdering despot, will somehow be going to heaven.

    So why should they be all freaked out? Don’t they believe the word of their made-up god? Sheesh. It would be easier to deal with these people if they even understood their own bullshit.

    The additional fact that basically every couple days for the last 2000 years a whackjob xtian calls “End of the world!” makes it pretty hard to even accept that they have a “prophecy” at all. What a bunch of charlatans and suckers.

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    The “Mega Disasters” skyscraper ad on the right makes it impossible to click links directly to the left of it, even if you click the “close X”. _(*&^%$&%^#
    I can get to the “N” in “No ID!”, just the very leftmost part of it. Very frustrating…

    The ACLU has a more interesting opposition site than the idiot bible-suckers. Pretty funny to see WND, notorious liars and collaborators, linking to the ACLU, which, while not perfect has done a lot more good for the world than any of those fools.

  14. Wrenae says

    Silly Snail (and Aa) beat me to the Social Security Number point, but I’ll add that, as per prophecy, we all have an identifier on our right hands already! It’s called a fingerprint. And some of them (as mine, sigh) are already on file with the gov’ment.

  15. Melantha says

    It would be easier to deal with these people if they even understood their own bullshit.

    That’s quite possibly the most true statement I’ve heard this week!

  16. Grumpy says

    I want that shirt… to help me control the raging forces of my subconscious libido & base urges.

  17. Pygmy Loris says

    I’m really confused now. The SSN is a national ID number which enables us to participate in the economy, and we already have national IDs. They’re called passports. Not that everyone knows a Passport is a valid ID. I had a guy at the liquor store refuse to sell me beer because my Passport wasn’t a valid government ID. I told him he should try going to Germany with just a driver’s license.

  18. Carlie says

    Well, a lot of fundamentalists were opposed to social security numbers (and I’m sure there are still some holdouts). I’m 32, and I have a good friend my age whose mother refused to get her a social security number for that very reason. That is, until my friend became old enough to work, and sheer economics won out over end-of-the-worldism.

  19. Pierce R. Butler says

    Having just gone through the convoluted rituals of Typekey registration in order to post this comment, I suspect the wingnuts _and_ the commenters here may be overlooking a leading suspect for the diabolical database looming over us all…

    At any rate, the graphic being displayed isn’t even the real “no” sign. Check traffic signage, which gets it right almost everywhere: the “no” is a bar sinister, and runs from upper-left to lower-right. In classical heraldry it signifies the bearer is a bastard son, one not entitled to inherited rank (though his _de facto_ position may be quite high). The bar dexter, apparently preferred by amateur graphics talent in the US (and now in the UK), actually connotes legitimacy…

  20. says

    Dr Dave and Garth both beat me. I’ve been seeing these news stories for a while, and they always feature some extremely fundamental preacher complaining that the prophecies are coming true. All I can figure is that they’re afraid they are NOT WORTHY…

  21. Kagehi says

    The stupidist thing about this is that apparently every nutty end of dayer, and there are hundreds of thousands, if no millions of them, are all convinced that they must fight tooth and nail against something the Bible says ****everyone willingly**** accepts. Now, last I checked, that means that, you know, no one actually opposes it when it happens. Of course the fact that 616 (they can’t even get that right) refered to Caligula and the “mark” was the $@%$@%$%$ Roman currency with his picture on it, always recieved in the right hand (since tradition made the use of the left for such things insulting or some such…), doesn’t phase them in the least either. After all, you have to read history before you can figure out that the damn book is talking about 100-200AD, not 20??. I predict that in the year 20,000 on some other planet there will be some morons insisting the end of the world is coming because their ancient (and now translated into some alien dialect) claims the fruit of the beast is turnips and everyone will recieve a mork video from the grand antepasta (and some religious nut by that name will turn out to be a fan of an early 80s sitcom… Or when ever that show was on.)

  22. sockatume says

    That reminds me, I’ve got to get one of those shirts or a badge or something. Combine my opposition to pseudoscience and my opposition to having untested and (if the science is to be believed over the politicians) highly unreliable biometric ID made mandatory without public debate.

  23. G. Tingey says

    Actually it is 150% insane.

    The guvmint here are trying to gety everyone (but NOT foreigners!) to have th have a compulsory ID card.
    There is a lot of opposition, but most people still don’t realise just what a dictatorial toll this will be.
    When the backlash does come, it will be scary.
    Fortunately, it looks as though the compter-systems required will not work – but not until they have wasted several BILLION pounds….


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